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Compare & Contrast an Organisations Structure

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
Words: 441
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Compare & Contrast an Organisations Structure

Every organization will have a clear direction and objective which will determine a series of actively In orchestrating both Inputs and outputs to realism Its goals. For this to happen, there are various basic principles that apply for organizations and management. In order to compare and contrast these principles, we must first identify their different types of culture, structure and management styles. The following charts represent two different companies Figure 1: Chelsea Football Club Ltd. Pal] Figurer: Atlas Converting Ltd. [pick Organizational Structure & Culture Due to the differentials in nature and type of these organizations, their goals and objectives and even the behavior of the people that work within them will vary the structure, culture, management and functioning. The following diagram demonstrates the contrasting deference between the two organizational structures: The different structures identified here are necessary to provide the framework for each organization and are developed according to the nature of its objectives.

The hierarchical structure of Alts Converting has a much wider span of control than he Chelsea organization, therefore a flat structure would be ineffective. Atlas is structured on the basis of strict rules and regulations in relation to health and safety and operational activity, consisting of a singular/group of power at the top with subsequent levels of power beneath.

Cochlea’s has relatively flat’ structure (due to the ratio of coaching staff to players) whereas the span of control Is manageable therefore this type of structure is effective for Its objectives, as It encourages Individuals to become Involved In Internal matters and situations that are mutually beneficial. Arrangement similar to an inverted hierarchical pyramid system of control, where the boss is no longer the ‘boss man’ but now seen as the facilitator, the mentor or ironically, the coach.

Cultural Comparison: Organizational Management Management & Motivational Theories: Task Culture Hierarchal Structure Democratic Management Style Paternalistic Role Culture Democratic, Autocracy & Flat Structure Person Culture Path-Goal Management Style Action Centered Leadership Laissez-fairer leadership style Chelsea Football Club Ltd Structure Flat Hierarchal Bureaucratic Atlas Converting Ltd Task & Role

Role & Person Atlas Converting Ltd is based on a task & role based culture Based around the same beliefs throughout the organization Role based because it works upon bureaucratic principles Task and project orientated as the main focus is centered on the machines Heavy emphasis on Employees Position Underlying assumptions through the department Chelsea Football Club Ltd is based on a role & person based culture Individual goals of staff and players are aligned with the goals of the organization.

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