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Chennai Metro Rail The Future of Our

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Chennai Metro Rail The Future of Our

As the construction began the CACM with the support of Achaean Traffic police has begun re-routing the traffic going on have been declared one ways. 0 This has affected the people dependent on buses as they were stranded confused in the make shift bus stops on the roads with the marauding traffic charging at them. It has also affected business and residents of these as well as the interior roads and is a nightmare for the pedestrians to cross. Most of these one ways are unregulated and hinders movement of the slower moving transport mode. 5.

Land Acquisition and the popularization of policies: The CACM has sent notifications for land acquisition to various shops, houses, other government land specifying the amount of land area that is being annexed and a due compensation is promised. 1 In some cases the compensation has been in the form of additional Transferable Development Rights (TAR)awhile in Lander the property owners were paid pittance and were unjustly duped by the CACM. 23 Although the CACM has acquired land for the construction the Corporation of Achaean (CO) and the COMA are expected to provide the public amenities for improved accessibility and multi-modal shift.

It has been apparent that many large projects such as the (Olympia Tech Park, the Hilton Hotel etc) on the Inner Ring Road have not given the requisite Open Space Reservation (SORTS) to the government, which could be used to acclimate the metro and be considered as a significant public realm. Considerations which are often overlooked while planning the metro 1 . Informal sector and Jobs for the poor: Most large infrastructure projects often neglect and fail to plan for the growing informal sector which services the needs of people.

To make the project as a model of inclusively, the poor and the informal sector’s needs should also be considered. It could start by revoking the ban on cycle rickshaw which can act as an end to end service for short distance making it an CEO-friendly and inclusive proposal. 24 2. Pedestrian and feeder linkages: The three roads on which the metro is plying largely accounted for 18% of the recorded road accidents from 2006 20th and pedestrian form 22% of the affected party in these road accidents . 25 Figure 3.

Indicates the subways, Foot over Bridges (FOB), traffic signals and CATV cameras which are essentially used for safe keeping of commuters on busy roads. Figure 3 Road safety layer of the pedestrians in the city Source: Subways and FOB’s- Corporation of Achaean, City division of State Highways Department; Traffic Signal and CATV – Achaean Traffic Police, CACM ; Map: courtesy www. Transcontinental. Mom Although Anna Salad and EVER Peppier Salad are equipped with the infrastructure to facilitate safe pedestrian crossing accidents are rampant.

Inner Ring Road has no subways and FOBS and gross for the highest number of recorded accidents in the city. Due considerations should be made to facilitate at grade crossing for the pedestrians in the form of traffic calmer and imbibing road discipline amongst the drivers. 3. Integration of transport network: The transition from metro to other modes of transport should be smooth. The buses should act as a feeder service to the metro and the frequency should be matched to honorees with the metro train timings. The buses plying on the metro route should be reduced so that the two mode work in harmony without affecting each other’s readership.

There should be adequate parking space in all the stations for creating the shift from private to public transport. The parking of private vehicles standards: The metro rail should upgrade the standard of services based on the requirement and needs. It should also take necessary precautions to ensure safety and security of the passengers and its property. The advertising rights, lighting on the surrounding streets, operation and maintenance of the stations and the rounding’s should be standardized and regulated by the operator.

The COMA and CACM should co-ordinate between themselves to regulate the built space in the surroundings. 5. Urban design and planning issues: While planning a transport infrastructure in a built space is a difficult proposition, retaining the integrity of urban ambiance is tougher. It should be made mandatory to study the social and economic fragments the transport infrastructure would cause in the lives of the residents. 27 Consult the citizens of the city in a large public forum and consider the liberation in the decision making process.

Public participation will ensure better ownership of the project and help in making an inclusive project. Conclusion The cities are always in a constant mode of transition and it is necessary that the chaos is put in order. Metro being a successful model of public transport in Delhi has become the pride of the country. It is also important to note that in many other parts of the world the metro has failed to recover investments and thus the government should study the cause of its failure so as to not repeat any of this while making the ether in their cities.

The city is looking forward to rejuvenate its stagnancy and rethink its future of transport but at the same time it must understand that metro is a long term investment and the benefits will accrue over a period of time. The above concerns and considerations that have emerged in this study are in the context of Achaean but are applicable anywhere in the world. As the country is rapidly urbanism, mass public transport will be the mainstay of cities having 5 million plus population. The investment in metro should be made keeping the growth in the future in mind.

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