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A memo to the City Council

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
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A memo to the City Council

Members of city council from: assistant city manager subject: the executive search date: 12/2/2014 c: office of the mayor, city clerk and city attorney I have been working as an assistant city manager for a long time. I witnessed the city ups and downs, and now that the late city manager was asked to resign, I thought I should share some of my thoughts with you, and with that. I look forward to aiding the selection process of our next City Manager.

The previous city manager made many mistakes; starting from his abuse of power, lack of leadership and communication, and ending with his hunch-based decisions. I believe that there are several characteristics that our new city manager should have. Beside the usual qualifications, I believe that the city manager should have the following ablest: 1- Leadership, A successful city manager Is the one who Is able to set direction, motivate, and Inspire.

That’s why the person who will occupy this position has to be a real leader, so he/she can motivate and affect positively on the employees, and the organization as a whole. It unites the efforts of the employees under one goal. With leadership the new city manager will not only be able to solve robbers, but will also find long-term solutions for these problems. 2- Management. Leadership and management should go side by side. By being a manager, the city manager will be able to plan a budget, organize the staff, administrate, and put long-term strategies.

With this, the city manager should be able to create a policy to eliminate the city’s deficit, and correct some of the imperfections our city is suffering from. 3- Good administrator. The city manager has to be fully aware of the public and governmental work and policies. He/she has to make sure that the directives are being followed by the staff, and should keep an pen eye over the activities In all the departments. 4- Trustworthy. The city manager should follow evidence-based policy, which most of the organizations agree on Its efficacy.

As the city manager will be responsible for the assets, he/she should be trustworthy, and shouldn’t abuse the power that accompanies the position. In addition to that, he should regularly submit monitoring data, and financial and status reports. Our new city manager should be able to build back people’s trust in us. 5- Good planner. The city manager will be responsible for the building and execution of different policies that will help develop the city. Therefore, he/she should be able to plan meticulously these polices, and make sure they are being well executed.

A good city manager will be able to formulate realistic plans, and translate these plans into actions. 6- Good speaker. The city manager is the face and representative of the city, he/she will be presenting it in almost every formal and informal event, therefore, the person who will occupy this position should have good communication and public relations skills, sharpness, and charisma, in order to work on our image, and manager should have high tolerance when facing work pressure, and dealing with rises.

The city manager Job is very stressful, so it is important for the person who will be occupying this position to be able to deal with stress. Electing a new city manager at the time is a crucial step, given that the previous city manager didn’t do well, and his spending plan left the city with 5% deficit. We are all looking not only for the survival of our city, but the innovation and success of it. I am sure what is best for our city, and that you will make the right decision in choosing our new city manager, and please accept my suggestions as an ardent and loyal citizen for this city.

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