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To What Extent Does Tony Lumpkin Repres

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Words: 741
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To What Extent Does Tony Lumpkin Repres

How does Tony Limpkin fit into the comedy genre of Lord of Misrule In Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer’ follows the structure of a traditional Shakespearean comedy beginning with a sense of harmony which progressing Into disorder and misunderstanding, finally resulting In a resolution of all the problems which occurred in the play. The root of the chaos in the play is orchestrated by Tony Limpkin, Mr.. Hardcore’s step son. In the late medieval and early Tudor period a figure was appointed to orchestrate the entertainment, Tony Limpkin can be seen as self appointed Lord of Misrule.

The Lord of Misrule was also given a limited time scale in which they ruled; Tony Lambkin’s time to rule is limited as Goldsmith set the play only across one night. This brings across a comedic side to the play as all the chaos that comes about it MAE in such a limited space of time. Shakespeare used the character of a fool to bring about comedy in his plays. Shakespearean fools fall Into either a licensed fool, whereby the fool is a ‘professional Jester’ who Is ‘paid’ to sing and dance………

On the other hand, Shakespearean second étagère for a fool was that of a ‘natural fool’ the only element of a natural fool that Tony exalts Is his desire to be ‘country bumpkin’…. At the beginning of the play we might expect that Tony Limpkin is a natural fool because in Act 1 Scene 1, before Tony’s entrance, Mr.. Hardest expresses that Tony is a a mere composition of tricks and mischief. The fact that Hardest explains that Tony’s ‘composition’ is mainly made up of tricks and mischief suggests that is his nature to be a fool.

This relates back to Tony being a natural fool as he can only be a fool and has no other elements o his character. Mrs.. Hardest also says that ‘a school would be his death’. This metaphor implies that Tony has never been educated which reinforces the idea of him being a natural fool because it suggests that he has no knowledge. However, there Is also an Implication that had he been to school he might be more Intelligent. Goldsmith encourages the audience to Judge Tony on the opinions of his mother and step-father. It Is Interesting because nearing the end of the play, Tony exalts conventions associated with a licensed fool.

As the audience get to know Tony better, e learn more about his character ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ is a play written by Oliver Goldsmith in the late seventeenth century. The time phrase in which the play was written is interesting as the genre of comedy of the play is restoration comedy. Restoration comedy plays started from 1660 and ended in 1710. It was particularly striking that Goldsmith chose to write a restoration comedy after the period had ended. In ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ Goldsmith follows the pattern of a typical Shakespearean comedy In a sense that there is so called harmony in the beginning and ending with everything being

In the play Goldsmith presents Tony Limpkin as the mischievous character who causes all the disruptions throughout the night in which the book is set. Tony Limpkin follows the nature of the genre of comedy being Lord of Misrule. Lord of Misrule was originally a figure’ who orchestrated the festivities’. In this case Tony Limpkin orchestrates the chaos and misunderstanding . Let is clear that Tony Limpkin has no motive to cause all of the disturbance but only for self enjoyment. Tony, being the orchestrates of all the chaos that goes on due to the pranks he causes.

One of the ranks Tony conducted is the confusion between Marrow and Hastings by tricking them into thinking that they have ‘lost your way and making them believe that they won’t ‘reach Mr.. Hardcore’s house that night’ which leads on the comedic side of the joke as they get to the ‘inn’ and treat Mr.. Hardest as the inn keeper unknowingly of who he actually is… Meanwhile the audience have the understanding of what exactly Tony is stirring. Goldsmith portrays Limpkin as if he has two different personalities. Tony crosses the two worlds of a rich family and then the pub which he spends and enjoys most of his time.

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