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The Woman In Black

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Type of paper: Essay WritingLiterature
Words: 721
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The Woman In Black

In what ways are techniques and conventions of the gothic used in Chapter 5 of The Woman In Black In chapter 5, Hill adequately uses techniques and conventions that correlate with the gothic genre. These features are used to build tension and anxiety for the reader and to convey the rising fear of the narrator. I feel the writer has used a countless number of gothic elements to create mystery and strain. In this chapter Arthur sees the woman in black for the second time.

However, this was the first occasion in which e caught a glimpse of her face. Arthur questions who she is. On top of that, He discovers a burial ground. This opens up a lot of opportunities to build suspense and include gothic elements. The writer uses many conventions and techniques of the gothic to create a more tense and fearful atmosphere. Like imagery, alliteration and a sense of dread. This Is shown In the quotation, ‘croaking cry that echoed’. The words ‘croaking and ‘cry are not only alliterated, but they are also words used to describe the Idea of an uncomfortable sound.

The writer also creates a sense of vulnerability by using the rod, ‘echoed’. This shows that Arthur could only hear what was being said rather then using all of his senses. A ‘cry is often thought of as an expression of distress or pain. Therefore, this will make the reader feel more fearful as it is an index of evident danger. This creates a creepy sense of imagery. The writer also creates a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere by using many gothic features, especially techniques like connotation. This is shown in the quotation ‘Indeed, I have never In my life been so possessed by It. The word possessed suggests an evil spirit Is controlling Arthur. This connotes fear taking over him and It never being able to escape. As a result of that It adds Imagery In the readers mind. Also In this quote the writer uses the word ‘Indeed’ to suggest the character, Arthur, was still in shock from the feeling of being possessed. He is almost checking that the feeling did occur and he was not crazy. This is what can create a creepy atmosphere. Another way that the writer has created a creepy atmosphere is by using techniques like imagery and personification.

This is shown in the quote Which shot arrows of fire ND blood-red streaks across the water. ‘ The words ‘arrows of fire’ and ‘blood’ connote that the sun is evil for going down. This is a form of personification as the writer has given the sun human qualities. The quote creates a sense of fear as the sky Is going dark. The words ‘red streaks across the water’ this is a contradiction and suggests that the sun brings power to the land. This, In turn, means that Arthur Is powerless In the dark. This can create a fearful atmosphere. The writer has also used many conventions like imagery and a sense of dread to tone’.

A lot of negative language has been used in this quote such as ‘gaunt’, which is often used to describe something painfully thin. This in turn could suggest that the writer is trying to create an uncomfortable setting for the reader. Another example of negative language would be in the word ‘grey. Grey is a very depressing color, this can add to the uncomfortable and dreary setting in order to create a very somber and depressing atmosphere. Another way, in which the writer has created an evil, depressing atmosphere is by he narrator showing his negativity and fear on a harmless bird.

This is shown on page 72 when Arthur sees a bird and describes it as an, ‘ugly, satanic looking thing. The writer has used very over-the-top emotive language. This in turn shows the negativity in the narrator as well. Overall, it is clear that Hill employs the specific features and conventions to create a tense and fearful atmosphere to engage the reader. This is shown in the evidence analyses, which has the recurring theme of gothic techniques like imagery, which has been used in all of the quotes I have investigated.

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