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The Sound of Music

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 7, 2017
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The Sound of Music

First Is Captain von Trap’s dream to climb he mountain for searching a new life, he refuse to be a part of Nazi’s ARMY (ANA) and climb the mountain with his family at the end of the movie scene. This song Is pointed to Maria when she ran from von Trap’s house back to the Abbess house. Maria confused and she try to find the answer about the two choices, first to serve her god and give up her love and the second is to choose the man that she love and broke her promise to serve her god. At this time of doubt, Mother Abbess said to no matter what it takes and then Mother Abbess sing the song to encourage Maria to find her love. Why does the screen-writer depict Baroness Schroeder as a rival instead of an enemy or a true antagonist for Maria? The screen-writer want to show the audience that Baroness Schroeder as a big hearted woman Just like a real royal attitude. The screen-writer also show the audience the arrogant attitude of Baroness Schroeder who want to be a woman that needed the most and act like she’s not. We can find this at the scene when von Trap want to end his relationship with her, she cut his words in the middle of the conversation and she take the lead to end up her love with von Trap.

She said that von Trap is not her type because she want to beloved with a man who really crazy about here and at least crazy for her money but also she feel that someone might fit to von Trap’s life and she that kind of person in Maria a young, beautiful, creative and kindhearted girl. 3. Why is the story made complicated by sub-plots instead of made simple with Just one short story plot between von Trap and Maria? Why does the writer present the love stories between Lies-Roll, von Trap-Baroness Schroeder, Maria-the children as ell?

The writer made a complicated sub-plots is to support the role of Maria as a main character of this movie in order to get close to von Trap’s life and his family and became part of it. The writer realize its not easy for Maria to get close to von Trap’s seven children who has lost their mother so the writer set a situation on a rainy night, von Trap’s children afraid of the sound of thunder so Maria told them how to overcome their fear with singing a song “my favorite things” and the children like it, for the oldest one, Lies.

The writer set up a scene that make Maria as the key of Lies love with Roll. Mainly the writer want to let the audience feel that Maria could get the von Trap’s children love in a very logical approach which we could not see very much on another movies. Maria faces her stuck in the middle of Baronies Schroeder love with von Trap then once again the writer set a scene that von Trap fell in love with Maria because she brings Joy and happiness back to their house again which Baroness Schroeder could not and then von Trap decided to marry Maria.

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