The Pardoner’s Tale Essay Essay

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The Pardoner’s Tale Essay

Nearly every aspect of the Pardoner’s tale Is Ironic. Chaucer depicts the character of the pardoner as well as the process of the pilgrimage through verbal and situational irony. Irony exists within the story itself and in the relationship between the Pardoner and the story. Chaucer describes the pardoner as having, “A voice that bleated Like a goat. No bear d had he, nor ever should he have, for so smooth his face as he’d Just had a shave; I HTH ink he was a gelding or a mere. (prologue 690 93) By describing him as less than a man, he is calling the Pardoner a second hand citizen, or a women. This is satirical mainly because, at this time, women were lesser, so he is saying that the pardoner was less than a man. Not very masculine or strong, but, weak and feminine. No pride or honor The ending of the story presents a good message despite the Pardoner’s evil Intentions to take money from the other pilgrims. By using Irony In the Pardoner’s tall e, Chaucer criticizes the church. The irony begins as soon as the Pardoner starts his prologue.

He tells the other pilgrims that his sermons reflect how money is the root of evils. He actually preaches against his own problems and sins. Pardoners who took money in return for forgiveness were supposed to use the the money for charity, but he, like many other Pardoner’s, kept the money for themselves. The Pardoner begins his story by critique the sins of society like, drinking and glutton NY_ The irony is that he has been drinking himself, and that he is a glutton. There are alls many ironic elements of the story itself. The rioters in his story, want to kill Death.

The eye promise to fight and die for each other. There are two ironies. First, Death can not be killed. Second, the three drunken fighters pledge to die for each other, but In reality t hey kill each other. In the Pardoner’s Tale, everything that told is riddled with irony. From situational iron y, to verbal irony. This irony is effective in criticizing the church, as well as society by Illustrating through seemingly Ironic and unthinkably stupid or evil things, that these things were actually happening In real life at that time. The most Ironic thing about t he story.