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The Essay Of The Color Of Water

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 7, 2017
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The Essay Of The Color Of Water

Rut’s family considers her “dead” to them once she separates all ties from them. For example, when Ruth returns to her sister or aunts, they refuse to see her. Do you think this act of severing family relations Is Justifiable? Why or why not? Have you Imaged that your family abandoned you? Well, I don’t think that you will have a good feeling on that. Definitely, You will feel very distressing.

However, In the kook the color of water, Rut’s family even considered her “dead” to them after her separated all ties from them. They even though Ruth was not the family member, Ruth must feel very sorrowful In her heart. It Is not humanity for a family to trend their children or their family member In that way. So, I think that this act of severing family relation Is not Justifiable. In chapter 21 a bird who flies, when Rut’s grandmother was dead, it made Rut’s mother very sad. She really wanted to make Ruth stayed, so she even asked Dee-Dee to make Ruth stay.

But it was not work and Ruth still insisted to leave. At the day, when Ruth went to the Greyhound bus station, her father was very persistent to make her stay. However, Ruth argued with him. In the end, her father warmed her that if she married a black man; she won’t allow to come back again. But, Ruth still left. No for long, Ruth knew that she mother was sick and had been brought up to a hospital. She went out and called her aunt Mary and asked if she knew where her mother was. However, she said that Ruth was out of the family.

And they sat Shiva for her. So, Ruth can’t see her. It hurt Ruth to the bone. She stopped finding where she mother was because she didn’t want to make her mother become sicker. So, from this time, Ruth disengaged from the family. And a few days latter, Rut’s mother was dead. That is how the whole things go through and base on all the things that happen, I don’t regard that severing family relation in that way is Justifiable. No, matter what Ruth was Mash’s children, she still have right or responsibility to look after her own mother.

Rut’s aunt or whatever her family members have no right to stop Ruth to pay the visit. Ruth chose to left, it was her own business. Which person she chose to marry with, it was her personal life. Her family can’t Just sever the relationship with her based on that because she has freedom to choose her own life. When I read to this place and I knew that Ruth couldn’t meet her mother finally, I felt very regretful and distressful about her. It might be the biggest pity In her life.

In my personal opinion, sever the family relationship Is a very excessive way to deal the problem. In china, we always said that family Is the best place to return after you facing the fall. Because home Is the warmest existing for you and the family members will support you or encourage you, no matter what was happening on you. However, when Rut’s aunt stopped Ruth to volt her, family may be the most cold and detached place for Ruth. It’s very sad and that is the most important reason that

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