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Simile and Imagery in Jane Eyre

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
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Simile and Imagery in Jane Eyre

She finds them very elegant, beautiful, and fair, unlike her Pl simple self. She watches as the fair ladles emerge from their chambers and graceful come down the stairs. To describe how elegant they looked, she compares them to a “bright mist rolling down a hill. ” By doing this, the reader Is able to compare the ladle s to something easy to Imagine Like bright mist: something warm, weightless, and performed. This adds more detail and imagery to the description by describing the dies’ movements as warm, weightless, and effortless as mist naturally rolls down a 2.

Imagery: Purely descriptive language, representing an object or event with words that draw on or appeal to the kinds of experiences gained through the five senses. Tambala’s 2 1 OFF pomp of the clouds spread a solemn purple, burning with the light of red Jewel and furnace flame at one point, one on Hillarie, and extending high and wide, soft and stiller, over half heaven” (Bronze 265). Analysis: Jane is enjoying her seemingly favorite holiday: Midsummer at Threefold. She is filled with Joy as she watches, “the sweetest hour of the 24”: the sunset.

She describes the colors by relating them to welkin items “red Jewel”, “furnace flames” instead of plain, “red”. This is much more descriptive and appealing to the senses. The e words “spread”, “soft and stiller”, and “heaven” create gentle, soothing feelings by appealing to the sensory details of the sky “texture”. When mixed together, the read ere is able to imagine the intensity of the red in the sky, and is able to feel the relaxation, a ND beauty from looking at such a sky that is almost like heaven.

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