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Rhetorical Analysis of Beginning of In

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
Words: 429
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Rhetorical Analysis of Beginning of In

Capote certainly does not paint a pretty picture in the first pages of In Cold Blood. Regardless, he does paint picture of Holcomb and Its people. He describes the town to the very last detail without embellishing. He tells of the abandoned buildings and the du SST that collects. He hides no Imperfection nor Jewel from the reader. “Not that there is much to see simply an aimless congregation of of buildings divided in the center by the mainline tracks of the Santa Fee Railroad, a haphazard hamlet bounded on the south by a brown stretch of the Arkansas (pronounced ‘Arkansas’)

River, on the north by a highway, Route 50, and on the east and west by prairie lands and wheat fields. ” (Capote 3) There is nothing special about this description. It is very cut and dry. Nothing Is able to feed your Imagination and to let you dream up your own setting. Capote uses what there I Holcomb, and he does so Indifferently. HIS desire Is the reader becoming more family AR with the setting and the people to explain why things happen and people react in the way they do later. In another attempt to make the reader feel as though they are in Holcomb, Capote sakes advantage of the town’s southern vernacular.

By using phrases such as “out the (Capote 3), “down by the depot” (Capote 4), and “outdoor folk” (Capote 4), Capote man ages to show the reader that he Is familiar with the subject and to characterize the reside ants In a way that readers are already familiar with. The residents of Holcomb are just good 01 people with southern hospitality and morals set in stone, and Capote portrays that by using their slang and other local vernacular. Capote writes if the people and town in a way that makes the reader feel as though hey are living in Holcomb at the time of the murder.

Capote states on the fifth page t hat “drama, in the shape of exceptional happenings, had never stopped there. ” This shoo was how truly remote Holcomb is and how this event shattered their world. Capote uses Holcomb humble town and customs to explain the reactions of the citizens before the murder even takes place. The details he takes advantage of help h IM do so. Without the first few pages of In Cold Blood, the reader would not have any backer mound of the town, characters, or murder and for that the pages in the beginning are vital.

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