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Pair of silk stockings

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
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Pair of silk stockings

The struggle between doing what is needed, what is right for the family or giving Into their own wants and desires for a day or two. In this story, Mrs.. Summers Is a poor mother that comes Into fifteen dollars and she contemplates for two days on how to spend this money because she wants to make the most of this money. The story displays a theme of struggle between necessity and desires. She talks about buying her children new shoes, hats, stockings, and yards of fabric so she can patch up some of her children’s clothes (p.

She spends time really thinking about how she should spend this money as she does not want to act to hastily. This money is a lot of money to her but at the same time would not last long and is not enough to change her life. It is enough money to get some necessities if spent wisely. When she sets out for the day, to the stores with intentions of buying essentials for her children, she ends up giving into her temptation to fulfill her own desires. She bought a pair of silk stockings which made her feel important and a little liberated.

Once she freed herself from her responsibilities, she allowed herself to Indulge further Into her series. She then went on and bought a pair of boots, a pair of fitted gloves, two magazines, splurged on a nice meal at a fancy restaurant and ended her day with a show. When she Is purchasing the gloves she thinks about all the other Items she could be spending the money on but that does not stop her from continuing on her little shopping spree (p. 1). The silk stockings represented her past, her better days (p. 1). The narrator states that Mrs..

Isomers looks at the silk stockings as if she was looking at a pair of diamonds (p. L). They were a pair of socks but of the highest of quality. The narrator states that Mrs.. Isomers thought of the silk stockings as luxurious things (p. L). She wasted no time and hurried to put them on and felt like a lady of higher class. The story suggests that Mrs.. Isomers previously lived an easier life and had the luxury of some of the finer things In life. When Mrs.. Isomers had the fifteen dollars she has a feeling of Importance such as she had not enjoyed for years (p. 1).

This sentence shows that at one time, Mrs.. Isomers previously felt Important. This gives the sense of theme wealth this story of acceptance or a feeling of importance. When she first put on her new silk stockings she went and hid in the ornery of the ladies waiting room as if she did not want to be seen or judged but once she put them on she felt freed from her responsibilities (p. 1). She sat there and wanted to embellish in the moment and enjoy the feeling she had. The feeling the silk stockings gave her. When she purchased her new boots, it seemed she did not know exactly what she was looking for.

She Just wanted something more sophisticated looking and she was going all out for them, spending up to two dollars more than she usually would (p. 2). She splurged on some fitted gloves which has been an unimaginable expectation for some time (P. ). She Is always looking for a deal when she shops. These gloves made her feel Like a sophisticated lady as the story states she removed her gloves very leisurely (p. 2). The narrator states that her stockings, boots and fitted gloves changed her attitude, demeanor and her over all presence (p. 2). When Mrs..

Isomers went to the fancy restaurant for lunch, the one by her entrance, as a part of her had a concern about. When she pays for her food she tips the waiter and the thanks her with a bow. The narrator states, He bowed before her as before a princess of royal blood (p. 2). Mrs.. Isomers felt of high importance and of high class, the society she was among were accepting her which made her feel important. When Mrs.. Isomers finally makes her way to the theatre with the brilliantly dressed women she has a sense of belonging. She feels like she fits right in with her surroundings (p. 3).

The narrator gives an impression that at this point Mrs.. Isomers is even Judging some of the people in the audience by referring to them as gaudy (p. 3). The theme of acceptance is used in other reading from American literature such as A man who was almost a man, A bride comes to yellow sky and wife of his youth. In the story A man who was almost a man there is a boy who wants to feel like a man and be accepted by his society as a man. He tries to find it in the comfort of a gun but when he accidentally shoots a mule dead, he leaves town in hopes to find his acceptance of man hood elsewhere (class 7/31/14).

In the story of A bride comes to yellow sky, Jack Porter, a man who traveled to San Antonio to marry the woman he loves. Jack is bringing his wife to his home town, Yellow Sky and he is worried about how the town is going to react. He is hoping the town will accept his decision of not having a traditional wedding and accept his wife into the town. And in the story a Wife of his youth, Mr.. Ryder is seeking acceptance from the Blue Vein society and the white society as well. He is hoping that they will accept him and his older black wife when she comes to town as she is of a darker color and not educated.

There is a desire of acceptance in all of these stories Just like A Pair of Silk Stockings. The story A Pair of Silk Stockings was written in 1896, Mrs.. Isomers came in possession of fifteen dollars one day. Fifteen dollars was not a lot of money back then but a truly significant amount of money to Mrs.. Isomers at that time (p. L). Where did this money come from How did she come about getting such amount of money It does not really talk about where the money came from Just the specific amount, fifteen. Fifteen could be a symbolism for 3 X 5, maybe Mrs..

Isomers had three Jobs recently and was paid 5. 00 for each of them. Or the number fifteen could symbolize Mrs.. Isomers age of fifteen back when she had better days as her neighbors would sometimes reminisce about before she was married (p. 1). The Gloves is another symbolism within the story for royalty or high class. Mrs.. Isomers had bought herself a pair of long-wrested kid fitted gloves. These were not typical bargain gloves. They were gloves that made her feel important and display that. These gloves were typically worn by men and woman of high class or royalty (Fashioning. Com).

When they were first put on she was so taken back by this feeling she sat there admiring them for a moment. The magazines Mrs.. Isomers bought suggested that she was educated, and educated enough to read and enjoy a good magazine. She also didn’t cover the magazines because she wanted people to notice that she bought the magazines in hopes that they will come to the conclusion that she is educated. This gave her a bit of self confidence and self worth about herself. Mrs.. Isomers was trying to feel as she fit in with the people of fashion and she wanted to be accepted by these people.

She wanted them to see her as if she was the same. Another symbolism within this story is Mrs.. Isomers name. Isomers flourishing. One of the definitions of the word flourish is to be very successful or to achieve success, which is what Mrs.. Isomers was trying to do that day (Merriment’s. Com). She was trying to achieve the feeling of success. The very last paragraph of this story said there was a man on the cable car who sat opposite from err and was trying to figure out the look he saw in Mrs..

Isomers but in truth, he saw nothing-unless he were wizard enough to detect a poignant wish, a powerful longing that the cable car would never stop anywhere, but go on and on with her forever (p. 3). In this statement is says two things. The man is looking at this sophisticated looking woman with her Boots, fitted gloves and her magazines, probably next to her and he could not figure out this sad look on her face. Mrs.. Isomers was not ready to go back to reality. She did not want her day to end. She for one day was living in a antsy and was not ready to give it up and Just wanted the day to continue.

In society during our life time, we will all be Judged by someone. Many Americans during their lives will all look for some form of acceptance by someone or by many people and try to achieve that acceptance in many different ways. Mrs.. Isomers sought out her acceptance by trying to change her attire which made her feel more important and gave her confidence to enter a restaurant she never would have previously entered. I think the confidence she received by having the money in her pocket and the confidence she had when wearing her new items is what really had people accept her.

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