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Of mice and men script

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
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Of mice and men script

Order In the court! We are here today for the trial of ‘Leonard Small’ for the murder of ‘Lucile Smith’. I call Candy James to the stand” Candy – *Places hand on bible* “l swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me God” Judge – “how long have you worked on the ranch? ” Candy – “I’ve worked there for the best years of my life! So for about 20-30 years! ” Judge – “what was your way of interacting with the now deceased Mrs. Smith? Candy “She was always walking about looking for her husband! Maybe that was her way of interacting with the guys” Judge – “So she was known for hanging around with the guys and being bait of a tease. So. On the afternoon of Mrs. Smith’s murder, where were you? ” Candy – “Well I was outside playing horseshoe! ” Judge – “So what were your reasons for entering the barn at that time to find the deceased? ‘ Candy – “l went to check on the pups because I knew Leonie was obsessed with them” Judge “Upon entering the barn, what did you find? ‘

Candy – “l saw what I thought was Lucile sleeping in the hay which I thought was crazy, I said to her I didn’t know she was in her, and when she didn’t answer, I stepped bait closer, to which I then realized she was dead to which I then ran to get George” Judge – “l now call George Milton to the stand. ” George – *Places hand on bible* “l swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me God” Judge – “How long have you known the suspect? ” George – “I’ve known him since his Aunt Clara died! ” Judge – “So you’ve known him for a while then.

Mr. Milton, could you tell me the reason that you had to leave your old workplace? , before coming to the ranch. ” George – “Leonie got able too friendly with this girl who let him touch her dress, because it was felt/soft. He wouldn’t let go of the poor girl who then cried rape! We surely had to leave the place before the villages would slaughter the poor guy. ” Judge – “Mr. small seems to have bait of a history of letting his excitement overcome him.. ” George – “Well yeah just a little.. ” Judge – “Could you expand on that? “

George – “he used to get little mice and pet them because they were *soft* but he’d end up petting them too hard and killing the poor thing, the same thing happened with one of Mr. Slims puppies. ” Judge – “This seems to be quite a regular occurrence, so he could potentially with hold the power to have killed Mrs. Smith, could he not? ” George – ‘Well, yeah I guess.. ” Judge – “l now call George Milton to the stand. ” Leonie – *Places hand on bible* you tell me what you thought of Lucile? ” Leonie – “She was party, and had really soft air! Judge – “She had soft hair? So she let you touch her hair! ” Leonie – “Well she did until she told me to Stop! ” Judge- “She told you Stop! Bait like the girl in weed then.. So what did you do? ” Leonie – “She started screaming and I didn’t like that so I put my hand over her mouth, but she kept moving so I shuck her to make her stop! But then she weren’t screaming or moving no more.. I must have killed her. ” Judge – “Need I say more? Leonard Small you’re under arrest for the murder of Lucile Smith”

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