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Never Marry A Mexican

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
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Never Marry A Mexican

In my analysis of “Never Marry a Mexican” By Sandra Concerns, I focused mainly on attempting to delve into the complex workings of Clemencies, the narrators, personality and motives. We don’t always think about the “why”. “Why’ did she do what she did? Instead, we judge quickly and harshly. In class, Clemencies was quickly written off as a horrible person. Everyone has a back story, everyone has a certain contextual situation that shapes their actions. Clemencies Is no deferent.

Clemencies s a character who puts up a front of being very cold and unfeeling, but I believe hides a lot of pain and Issues underneath the surface of what she believes to be her true self. Clemency struggles with the Ideals she has grown up with, wanting to always feel In control, and keeping with her facade of “not caring”. “Never Marry a Mexican. ” Its a repetition that we see throughout the story. Clemencies mother has placed this ideal in Clemencies head since she was a young girl. “I guess she did it to spare me and Examine the pain she went through.

Having married a Mexican man at seventeen. Having had to put up with all the grief a Mexican family can put on a girl because she was from el tort load, the other side… “(Concerns 69) Because of this, Clemencies considers herself above the Mexican men. The men she sees daily because they ride the same bus. Go to the same market. Share an identity. But although they come from the same community, Clemencies has been taught and told that these Mexican men are no good, she can do better. How does this sentiment, coming from her mom, affect Clemencies?

When her own mother constantly dismisses the man who helped to bring Clemency and her sister Into the world? It causes a discord wealth Clemency, and even more Dallas towards her mother. These sentiments from her mother, towards a father that Clemencies loved, shaped the bitter and pessimistic view in which Clemencies views marriage. “That man she met at work, Owen Lambert, the foreman at the photo-finishing plant, who she was seeing even while my father was sick. Even then. That’s what I can’t forgive. “(73) Her mother has shown her nothing but the failings of marriage.

Just A resentment towards her previous husband, and infidelity that occurred even while he was lying n his sick bed. Clemencies finds it impossible to believe In the happy endings of marriage, when all she has seen is the deceitful side of a marriage vow. The repetition Is most powerful when It Is repeated at the end by Drew, the man whom Clemency obviously feels very strongly about. “A young girl like me. Hadn’t I understood … Responsibilities. Besides, he could never marry me. You didn’t think . ? Never marry a Mexican. Never marry a Mexican No, of course not.

I the white men. So who does she belong with? Where does she fit in and belong? This goes to a struggle with identity, which we see in strands throughout the story. She struggles with identity in her neighborhood where she shares the same income as those around her. “I’m amphibious. I’m a person who doesn’t belong to any class. The rich like to have me around because they new my creativity; they know they can’t buy that. The poor don’t mind if I live in their neighborhood because they know I’m poor like they are, even if my education and the way I dress keeps us worlds apart. (71) As an artist Clemencies is more cultured and creative so therefore set part from the working class that surrounds her. The rich except and new her talent, but pull in a bigger paycheck and live the ritzy lifestyle. Clemencies is once again left without a sense of belonging to a community. Even the root of where we all feel to have originally belonged, our family, has been taken away from Clemencies. Her mother has remarried and wants nothing to do with her daughters. “Because she knew as well as I did there was no home to go home to. Not with our mother. Not with that man she married.

After Daddy died, it was like we didn’t matter. Like Ma as so busy feeling sorry for herself, I don’t know. “(73) This feeling of “not mattering” takes away Clemencies sense of belonging and support that should be felt when thinking of ones family. I believe that Clemency’s lack of an identity contributes to her need to always feel in control. Her mothers “abandonment” of Clemencies leaves her fearful for people to get to close to her. And although she never cares about her mother, all the lessons that she imparted with Clemencies has stuck in Clemency’s mind, turning her into an untrusting lover who needs to be in control.

She gets a sick fascination of being with men while there wives are away, panting in labor. I believe she feels as though it gives her the ultimate control over them. While their wives are struggling to bring something they created together into this world, the men lie there with Clemencies, not caring about there marriage vows. Drew, who plays a large role in this story, is the man that Clemencies let in. The only man who has control over her. Clemencies struggles with this situation, as she is the one who always needs to be in control.

She does this by little vindictive acts, which in the greater scheme of things will not cause any trouble for Drew, but make her feel little victories within her own conscious. Clemencies little acts include the gummy bears. “… Took out a bag of gummy bears I’d bought. And while he was banging pots, I went around the house and left a trail of them in places I was sure she would find them. One in her Lucile makeup organizer. One stuffed inside each bottle of nail polish. “(81) In the long run, Drew can easily blame the gummy bears on someone else, explain them away. Clemencies knows this.

Yet she still does it. She ants to make her presence in this home that is not hers known, even if in the end Megan doesn’t actually know its her. Her mind games affect herself mostly. When she has an affair with her student, Dress son, he doesn’t understand that she does it solely to have a twisted power over his father. She does this to inflict pain upon his son, the way he inflicted pain upon her. She gets his son in her power, to take bake the power Drew took from her. “… L have him in my power. Come, sparrow. I have the patience of eternity. Come to amity. My stupid little bird. I don’t move.

I don’t my teeth. (82) She shows a false loving side, but knows within herself that she is Just being a monster, catching him in her trap, snapping with her teeth. Iron fist, velvet glove. Clemencies shows a tough exterior, but has her inner issues and past experiences that cause her to put up a harsh emotional front. She does this to protect her from disappointment and hurt, as she has come to expect from those who get close to her. This allows her, to in her own way, keep a sense of control about her life. It is not a way to live, but the life she grew up in established a precedence of how she should act.

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