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Monologue Simple Things

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Type of paper: Essay WritingLiterature
Words: 801
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Monologue Simple Things

Valentine is in her early ass, sitting in bed in her “quiet room” with the lights off and curtains drawn, flicking through TV channels absent-minded. She is running her fingers round the top of her wine glass and staring at her ice-cream tub In between her legs. He was so useless, I did almost everything for him and he TLD even realist, I will tell him “Babe, could you please iron this handkerchief? ” Heed say “where is the iron” (Lowers voice to imitate him) Obviously he knows but he’s Just being an idiot.

I say, “In the laundry room” He goes, (Lowers voice) “Why is the iron so AR? ” with this stupid germless look on his face which pretty much means, Vale you Just do it. Then again because I don’t want him to fuss about It I end up doing It. He’s so goddamn stubborn. (Stands up while holding glass and tapping her cheek) It’s funny how loads of other people would say ‘l am goanna get married’ or that ‘l love him so much’ and I always thought to myself, Hem… Yeah that may end up happening . I can’t even remember how we met. Oh yeah, Tent introduced us’ Did she? Yeah she did.

I don’t remember how it ended up us talking. Well I’ll just blame it n the alcohol because from what I remember he had a tiny head which made me chuckle every now and then and… Oh yeah… He had tiny fingers. (falls back on the bed) Anyway that’s irrelevant now. What I do resent though, I mean the thing I really, really hate him for is lying to me. He promised me so much. See look there’s another thing – manipulative… All the time in arguments he’d say (lowers voice)… Need to sort yourself out, you’re an alcoholic, you have Issues, you’re a mess and It’s not fair on the ones that love you! And all that bull And every time I screamed In my head, NON NON NO! It’s you! Don’t you realist? You’re the problem! You can’t do anything, you never cuddle me, remind me that you love me talk less of ironing a bloody handkerchief! How can someone be so useless? Pathetic really, Isn’t It? A fully grown man cannot use an Iron He believes he can take care of himself (laughs) but you need to see him “suited up” when he’s going for one of his “international meetings”. He’s better off going in a dustbin bag. He could barely even… ERM do toast, make toast.

I wonder what’s going through his mind at the moment. Do you think he’s thinking of me? Doubt It to be honest but I really do wonder. What can possibly go through his head? It seems like he doesn’t think of anything except himself. I can’t believe I loved him. Ewe did I just say love? (Valentine gulps half of the remaining wine from the bottle and puts it on the table beside her) I spend days worrying about this good for nothing man. Don’t really eat anymore. Sleep a lot, but that’s probably through exhaustion of feeling sick everyday… Mum with worry.

Without doubt he always tried to make me see a doctor, but all the time I said, “No, I can look after myself’ and he just pulls some face like he knows something when clearly his brain is like an empty flower pot. (runs to the bathroom to vomit, then rinses her mouth and wipes her face then walks back to the bed) Oh another thing actually Is that I never really trusted him. Well to be fair I don’t trust human beings in general (laughs). I am so lucky I’m 1 OFF feeling about someone and you know there is something wrong? I can’t put my finger on it but you know what I mean right? It was the smallest things.

One time, he didn’t even remember my mom was dead. We were talking to a couple from down the road in a grocery store and I brought up Chloe and he had no clue why I got bait sad. Such a dick! How can I trust someone that doesn’t remember the smallest things? To me, the simplest things are the most important. Not only that, he had meetings all the time, had phone calls at 11 at night, somehow I doubt a supplier will call him at 11 but okay. The annoying this is, he told me I had the problem when he can’t even sweep in one direction. (Looks up and sighs and lays down on the bed flat and closes her eyes) (Lighting turns to black) (exit)

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