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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
Words: 887
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The short story misspell by chitchat Fernando depicts the picture of a servant whose Innocence never let her understand that she has been exploited by all. The writer sketches melons as Innocent, loyal, selfless and loving character which evokes the sympathy of the readers when they come across the subtly exploitation of her by Mrs.. Ranging. Mrs.. Ranging prevents missile’s visit to her village on the New Year by stating that she couldn’t get out of bed because of sickness.

Yet on the same day Mrs.. Anastasia goes dinner to her sister’s home leaving missile alone “yet she recovers enough to attend the new year dinner at her sister’s place”. This quote shows how she treats in this hypocritical society. Missile never retaliate towards Mrs.. Ranging to let her go home. So she was violently caged in the house of Mrs.. Ranging as a innocent bird. She never enjoys any freedom in this house. But due to the innocence of her she never tries to go beyond those boundaries.

Thus It shows the reality of Innocence can be treated so violently In the society. The death of kale a cat at Mrs.. Ranking’s house affects her more. Her bond tit kale cannot be explained to the people Like Mrs.. Rangelands. For them It Is Just a cat. But for melons kale Is a character to whom she poured all her minds agony. The tragic death of kale makes her emotionally down. It also show the theme of innocence by the writer where this servant missile so much kind towards the animals. So it shows theme of innocence and the innocence of this helpless woman.

Gomes on the other hand is the reason for missile’s gradual change of attitude of men. But it becomes a great disappointment when she comes to know that he is getting married to another woman. “It was her nearest romance. This also shows this woman’s innocence where she losses her love. Even though she had lost it. She never said any word to Gomes even he ruined her. It Is her act of her which shows her innocence. So It Is another way of the writer showing the theme of innocence. Ella on the other hand treats misspell as her confident.

She takes melons to all the places In the past. Melons thinks that Ella cares for her. But the reality Is that Ella uses missile for her selfish purpose. Missile vaguely realizes the intention of Ella in making her leave Mrs.. Rainmaking’s family thus she stops the visiting allele’s house. This shows missile’s loyalty towards Mrs.. Rainmaking’s family. So here also the writer highlights how the innocence affects for the reason in people to face troubles in the society by Missile as a very innocent woman. She faces to the others tricks where she gets foolish.

So it shows again the theme of innocence. All these incidents show that how the character of missile as a symbol of innocence faces to deferent aspects of troubles due to her Innocence. It shows the theme of Innocence by the writer successfully. Here this woman outwardly bears everything happened to her but inwardly she suffers lot with so many mental genies. The story touches Its climax when we see melons down with tuberculosis. Melons Is bundled off to hospital for all the sacrifices she has done for Mrs.. Rainmaking’s family. Mrs..

Ranging neglects missile and never visits merit of the neighbors as a religious lady. This shows how the innocence of people used by others as a tool for famous. Here Mrs.. Rainmaking’s act shows how the innocent people suffer from social corruptions even after the death. The character of missile even shows that perennial truth in the society where the human beings are suffered even from their inborn qualities like innocence. Merely because of the innocence of missile she never raised her voice against any exploitation which she had faced as a servant of a hypocritical family.

It shows that even though the people of poor class with innocence have faced to lots of troubles due to their innocence. So it once again shows the theme of innocence in the story. In all the incidents which are related to the protagonist’s; missile’s life shows how the poor people suffer in the society merely because of the hypocrisy of upper class people. Through the character of missile chitchat Fernando illustrates the situation of the innocent poor woman who as exploited by the so called pious high class society.

In those high class societies they believe the innocence of poor people as a foolish quality. Therefore they try to harass them both physically and mentally making their minds so agony. It is the main theme that brings out by the writer in her short story. As a woman writer chitchat Fernando brings sympathy towards this helpless woman while describing her pathetic situation. It is brings out through the life incidents of missile. Even she was ignored by her lover. But she never tries to raise her voice even at that kind of situation. So it shows clearly her innocent character.

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