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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 7, 2018
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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Chapters 3-4 Study Questions: Lord of the Flies by William Gilding (The website makes a lot of mistakes in my essays. Please rate them good if you like them, and I will e-mail you the original). By Automation 10. Although Ralph criticizes the boys for their lack of cooperation, does he bear some of the responsibility for the failures of the group to achieve Its goals? Why or why not? Yes, Ralph criticizes the boys for their lack of cooperation, but does not bear any of the responsibility for the failures of the group to achieve its goals.

This failure to bear NY burden of responsibility appears to reflect on his role as leader. A leader Is rarely the perfect candidate for the job; however, to remain in power, he must take the focus off his own shortcomings or risk being unseated. I believe that Ralph was simply trying to keep himself in control of the group through his actions and words; for better or for worse, he truly wanted the group to succeed: ?? L was chief; and you were going to do what I said. You talk. But you can? T even build huts ? Then you go off hunting and let the fire could have had everyone when the shelters were knishes.

But you had to hunt ??? (74-75). Ralph was clearly showing the qualities of a leader In this decree; however, It may have planted the seeds for a revolution within the group of boys. 1 1 . How has Jack? S personality developed during his stay on the island? Jack? S personality has developed disturbingly during his stay on the Island. HIS new found desire to kill, and his actions during the hunt are comparable to that of an animal? S. ?Jack was bent double. He was down like a sprinter, his nose only a few inches from the humid earth… ]hen dog-like, uncomfortably on all fours yet unheeding his discomfort, he stole forward five yards and stopped? (48). Jack was clearly becoming an ? Animal? Wealth the confines of a human body. When he made his first kill, Jack? S reaction was even more disturbing: ?? Look! We? Eve killed a pig ? We stole up on them ? We got in a circle… [w]e crept up… [t]he pig hit the pig… L fell on top… L cut the pig? S throat… [y]oh should have seen the !?? (72-74). Jack plainly enjoyed every moment of the hunt, especially the kill. Which suggests that he ay have a predisposition toward .

In addition, Jack appears to be demanding more recognition for his contributions to the group? S efforts: ?? L got you painted my face ? I stole up. Now you eat ? All of you?? (78). This suggests that Jack may be preparing to take over the leadership of 1 OFF while satisfying his simple desires. Indeed, Jack is a deeply disturbed boy, whose manipulation may be indiscernible by many individuals within the group as a whole. 12. Ralph says of Simon, ? He? S . He? S funny.? What kind of a boy is Simon? Simon is a helpful boy: ?? Simon. He helps… A]al the rest rushed off. He? S done as much as I have. Only… Simon? S always about?? (55-56). Ralph? S statement makes clear that Simon is an apparently clingy follower, who is only in his being constantly around to help. I believe they see Simon as being in this way, because he cares more about assisting in the boys effort than setting aside leisure time for himself, which is clearly not the case for most of the other boys in the group. 13. After Maurice and Roger destroy the little ? Nuns? Sand castles, Roger stalks the young boy named Henry.

When he begins to throw stones, why does he Just throw them near him instead of directly at him? When Maurice begins to throw stones at Henry, he Just throws them near him instead of directly at him, because ? [h]ere, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life. Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law?? (65). Roger was accustomed to the civilized world? S traditions of crime and punishment. Though no authority was remotely aware of Roger in this desolate place, his conscience was still intact, causing him to avoid hectically tormenting the young child. 4. What causes the hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, to neglect it and allow it to go out? The hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, neglected it and allowed it to go out. This unfortunate incident occurred as a direct result of Jack? S insatiable urge to hunt: ?? We had to have them in the hunt… Or there would? T have been enough for a ring?? (73). Ralph bluntly denounced Jack? S excuse for vacating the immediate vicinity of the fire: ?? You could have had everyone when the shelters were knishes.

But you had to hunt ? ,?? Jack immediately interjected, ?? We needed meat?? (75). Jack had not initially realized that ?? [t]here was a ship?? (74), which led him to blurt: ?? The fire? S only been out an hour or two. We can light up again?? (74). Clearly, this controversial situation would not be put to bed easily. This careless statement dealt a further blow to the chances of a peaceful resolution to the problem at hand. The mistakes had been made, the words had been spoken, and the group seemed headed toward complete turmoil. 5.

Why does Jack paint his face? Jack paints his face ?? [f]or hunting. Like in war. You know ? Dazzle paint. Like things trying to look like something else… Like moths on a tree trunk?? (66). This further basis; however, his desire to kill a pig was never as exemplified as now, when he devised new ways to heighten his chances of success. Jack? S maddening urge to kill was satisfied, and he reacted toward the event with indifference, which suggests that the event will have gravely undesired effects on the group of boys in the near future.

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