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Leagues Under The Sea

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
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Leagues Under The Sea

The Sea Setting The setting of this book begins on the Nautilus. The submarine vessel designed by Captain Memo, during the summer of 1867. The whole story takes place from 1866 to 1868. The Nautilus sails the seas of the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, and the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Major Characters Dry. Pierre Aaron He Is a middle aged man, at about 40 who also happens to be the narrator. He used t be a medical doctor, but he took the career of a scientists at the Museum of Paris. He lives in Paris with his servant Counsel, unmarried and childless.

During his time in the United States, he happens to be giving a lecture. He is then asked by the government of the United States to board the Abraham Lincoln, and Join the search for a mysterious creature in the seas that has been attacking ships. Counsel Counsel Is a selfless servant, that Is 30 years of age. He Is around domestic servant a ND never complains. He never offers counsel, and always joins Monsieur on all his voyage sees and expeditions. He has little, but sustainable knowledge of the sciences that Monsieur SST dies. Ned Land Ned Land is referred to as the king of harpooners among the talk of the sailors.

He is Canadian that Is forty years of age and very thick. He Is muscular, quiet, and angry who en challenged. Captain Memo , very fast. A brilliant man, that used to be an engineer, and also happened to design the N audiles himself. Short Summary (Not yet finished) Dry. Pierre Aaron is the Protagonist in the story so far, and he is a brilliant researcher that studies different species of animals. He takes part at a lecture in the United Stats and at the same time, summoned by the government of the United States specifically for his skills in his field.

There is a creature within the seas that tends to sabotage the IR ships, and the government wants an explanation. Dry. Pierre Aaron boards the Abraham Lincoln to search for this creature and it happens to take months before the eye find anything. When they do, the chase takes hours, without any progress. When they fight it, nothing seems to harm it. Then the famous harpooner, Ned Land, strikes it an d it goes down.

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