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Land of the lost analysis

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
Words: 470
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Land of the lost analysis

Land of the lost Land of the lost is written by Stewart Nana. The story Is about a woman who uses her spare time to find a dead girl’s body. The mall character Is a woman who works as a cashier at a supermarket. She has two sons who have moved out, and she Is divorced. She lives alone with her German shepherd named Elli. And she Is living In a town called Perry. The mall character has a gap In her life that she wants to fulfill.

She believes that It Is her Nilsson to bring back the body of the mammals child to the family. She does not want the credit; she Just wants the child to be brought back to her family “she didn’t care about getting the credit It was enough to know the girl was finally home” line 55-54. She follows the case on the TV and supports the relatives of the girl on the Internet. She becomes so obsessed with the case, that her boss asks her to stop because she disrupts the employees and customers.

She finds out that Jamie Wade (the claimed murder) has buried the body of the missing child, west of Gainesville, which motivates the woman to find her. The point of view is from a third person narrator. The narrator is omniscient, because the narrator knows everything of the main character her feelings, her thoughts, and all the experience the character develops. For instance in line 79 – 80 she’d been too impatient in the fall, letting her emotions get the best of her.

She’d actually expected to find the girl her first time out, as if she were psychic. The fact that the story is called land of the lost I believe that the title tells about how the main character is feeling, she is lost, and do not know what to do in her life. However, I do also believe that the title also ells that land she live in is a lost place, and no one besides the girl’s family is looking for the girl besides the family, she might be the only person looking for her” line 75.

The ending of the story is open, we do not know if the woman actually finds the girl or lust finds someone else. I love the fact that she in the end tells us that she do not want to be seen as a crazy person, then everyone would know she wasn’t crazy” line 141 – 142. And to me it tells me that after she helped the agent, that told her she was crazy. She has only continued to follow the case because she wants to prove that Is not crazy.

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