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La Poncia Contempt

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
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La Poncia Contempt

La Ponca reveals her contempt for Bernard by telling another servant: “I’ll lock myself up in a room with her and spit in her face-a while year” (235). La Poinciana has been mistreated by Bernard which continues to remind her of her “place” within the house. For instance in the opening of Act 1, La Poinciana introduces Bernard to the audience by saying “If Bernard doesn’t find things shining, she’ll pull out the few hairs I have left”.

She also announces “She’s perfectly capable of sitting on your heart and watching you die for a whole year without turning off the cold little smile she wears on her wicked face. ” After thinking these terrible things, how could one not want to take revenge out on someone? Also in Act 1, La Ponca has a conversation with Bernard about freeing her daughters and letting them go out with men. Bernard strikes back at La Ponca and tells her they get along fine without have a an in their lives.

La Ponca feels she can’t have a simple conversation with Bernard and says, “One can’t even talk to you? Do we, or do we not share secrets? ” Bernard announces “We do not. You’re a servant and I pay you. Nothing more” (238). La Ponca is looking for some kind of friendly relationship with Bernard and in turn gets dish respected. Anyone treated the way La Poinciana was would be Justified for any contempt’s made against the evil and powerful Bernard.

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