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Kipin s polemical essay had a pretty br

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 315
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Kipin s polemical essay had a pretty br

Spin’s polemical essay had a pretty broad topic, of adultery. I liked the way it was broken up into different views and aspects of the situation. Whether it’s in defense of adultery or against it. Personally I believe that a relationship is between two people, man woman, man man, or woman and woman; but only two people. I don’t understand the need for cheating. If you’re with someone, give them your all. You wouldn’t trade a diamond for a penny, so why would you trade someone who means so much value to you for someone who is nothing.

I can see the point that was trying to get across but it was almost like the author was trying to make herself believe what he was writing. I think there was a lot of cross analyzing throughout the reading, and the author didn’t quite stand on her own two feet about either of the situations. I felt like there were many times where I would get lost in the reading because the topics would Jump so far. One minute she’s talking about a situation and the next the situation she was previously explaining has taken on a new subject of its own.

It was almost like I was reading a rant. However the part that stuck out to me the most was when she defined love as being a Job. It’s sad to think that because so many of us find ourselves telling our spouses that we need to “work” at our relationship, but It’s so true. Love should be an effortless emotion, that’s fun, new and exciting. The fact that it’s become something so meaningless and tedious Is I think a huge factor in why marriages are no longer what they used to be. Overall, I think the reading was an eye opener.

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