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Kendrick Lamar the Hero

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Words: 1052
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Kendrick Lamar the Hero

There was once a hero named Generics Lamar. He was brought Into the world with a destiny. That destiny was to slay all the evil that was brought Into the world by the evil King Ill Wayne. Their planet, Rap, was a peaceful and undisturbed place until King Wayne arrived on his spaceship and corrupted and conquered the planet with his evil army. Generics shall be tested upon his life task of slaying the evil that has broken the cycle of life within his homeland. His destiny was pre-determined.

The prophecy stated that only one born into the world with the true power of the royal bloodline could kill the evil Ill Wayne. Generics was the last of his family, as King Wayne had eliminated the rest of the royal family as soon as he came to power. The rebellion had protected their last hope for eighteen years, waiting until the time had come for him to be ready to fulfill the prophecy. At this time In his life, his real Journey began. On his Journey, young Generics was accompanied by a few of his heroic companions he had trained with throughout his upbringing.

His group of companions consisted of the strongest oldies left in the rebellion. Their names: Scott Miscued, Robert Williams, Rake Meyers, Quince Hanley, and Carmine Cole; or better known amongst the rebellion as: Kid Cud, Meek Mill, ASAP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, and J Cole. This group of young cold killers called themselves the Rhythmically. The Rhythmically faced King Wane’s army of evil clones which he called “Bars”, named after the cloning machines abbreviation, B. A. R. , or Beast Application Repeater. He created this cloning device before he had conquered Rap so he could overpower the Kingdom’s defenses.

The lone were robotic soldiers, their numbers Infinite. The only way Generics and his team could reach King Wayne with a chance to kill him was by stealth. Their Nilsson started at the rebellions secret base located In the depths of Flow Forrest. For this the Bars. Forged from the irons of the strongest metals, their armor was essentially impenetrable. The prophecy was on target to be fulfilled. The only problem the Rhythmically had was that they only had one chance, and if they failed, their planet was doomed to eternal misery; the misery of listening to Ill Wayne.

They trekked wrought the Flow Forrest with ease. As they approached the edge of the woods, they were met with a patrol unit of Bars. To continue on towards the Murderous Mountains, they needed to eliminate the patrol in case they spotted them sneaking through the bare face of the mountains. Generics concocted a plan within seconds. The group was to stealthily surround the patrol and eliminate them on command. Generics raised his hand, and as soon as the team assumed their positions, he clenched his fist. With great rhythm and flow, the Rhythmically murdered the Bars. The Murderous Mountains were aptly named.

They surrounded the Valley of Kings, the royal castle residing within. Rocky and steep, the mountains kept all those protected. Aside from through the valleys opening, over the mountains was the only way to reach King Wayne. The mountains are indefensible since they are so dangerous to surmount. The only thing in the Rhythmically’ way was getting into castle. Surpassing the mountains was no easy task for the team, but alas this is what they trained for all the years leading up to this mission. As they made their way down the mountains, the Royal Castle came within view.

The hero’s couldn’t help but admire its tatty regardless of the corruption within. It was a stone brick structure as tall as the mountains and as vast as them too. The castle bore the colors and symbol of King Wane’s sigil, a black dragon, signifying his pure evilness. King Wayne was always in the throne room. The throne room was located at the very top level of the castle. As you can imagine, it was immensely guarded, with the Kings personal guards protecting the King at all times, along with castle guards set up throughout the entire As the hero’s approached the unguarded back of the castle, they devised an easier Lana.

Instead of fighting their way to the top and greatly risking the mission, they would traverse the castle’s side by grapple and hook. The strongest of them all, ASAP Rocky, threw the heavy grapple with seemingly no effort hundreds of feet into the air and hooked the top of castle firmly. Schoolboy Q and J Cole offered their lives to the cause and vowed to create distraction. As they sprinted to the front, the rest of the hero’s traversed the rope to the top. When the rest heard the fighting happening within the castle, they broke through the roof entrance down into the castle.

They were immediately met with groups of Bars. The Rhythmically knew what to do, and the hero’s made their way to the throne room, protecting Generics as he stayed out of sight of the Bars. When Generics finally heard the roar of King Wayne, he got of hiding and with great speed ran to face him. As Generics stepped into the throne room, all that was there, was King Wayne sitting in his throne. “Well, Young Generics… Your time has finally come. I’m sorry you had to come all this way to be bested by someone truly more powerful then you,” said Wayne.

Ill Wayne, you’re not more powerful. All you are is an army of clones. Your Bars won’t save you now. They are weak compared to me,” shouted Generics. “Let us prove who is better, through freestyle! ” And thus, the freestyle battle of the ages occurred. Ill Wane’s auto tune, simplistic lines, and undeveloped vocabulary were his downfall and he was slain by the almighty Generics Lamar as the prophecy has foretold. With his defeat, the planet of Rap was restored to peace, all the Bars were killed along with Wane’s death and young Generics became the King; The King of Rap.

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