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Just as Long as We’Re Together

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 25, 2017
Type of paper: Essay WritingLiterature
Words: 307
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Just as Long as We’Re Together

Just as Long as We’re Together is every maturing young girl’s favorite Judy Bloom work. It is a story about friendship, the struggles of growing up, but most importantly growing as friends; sadly even if it means growing apart. Stephanie and Rachel used to be best friends. They did absolutely everything by each other’s sides. However, there were many differences between the two girls that began to surface the year that they entered a very confusing period of life known as middle school. Rachel was a very serious spirit.

She was always under a lot of pressure at home to get good reads and achieve highly in everything from responsibility to music. She seemed to have a very stable and caring family environment though (big house, loving mom and dad, etc. ). Stephanie on the other hand was Incredibly fun and playful. She loved to giggle, did Just alright In school, and always remembered never to take herself too seriously. At home, Stephanie lacked the “perfect” family life that Rachel was blessed with. Her parents were getting a divorce which she clearly had a hard time dealing with as shown in her over-eating to suppress her own hurt feeling. Unfortunately, her mom is not the strong support system Steps might need because she is suffering from hurt feelings herself. When Alison moves into the neighborhood, the outgoing and full-of-life Vietnamese adopted, Stephanie and Earache’s once inseparable bond is tested. Alison has a lot more in common with Stephanie than Rachel now does in terms of maturity and personality. Rachel makes some new friends with interests similar to her own as well. The girls learn that it is okay to drift apart, but they have been through a lot together and can still be friends. “Just as long as They’re Together! “

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