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Her Kind

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
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Her Kind

Anne Sexton brings attention to her readers from digging deep into the true meaning behind her imagery. Her poem is quiet but along with an intense emotion, it brings out most of what she truly felt in reality. Anne describes very descriptively three roles of women in society that are overlooked and Judged constantly by the people around them. In Ann.’s eyes, she makes us feel that as good of a person she can be, she’s always overlooked and misunderstood and she would ether leave the world with her dignity in hand than become what society wants her to be.

As the poem starts, It’s an NNE mysterious feeling being described. The Images the author presents Into her poem really play a show, making It feel as If we can see the sorrow In each word being read. She states In the first line, ” I have gone out, a possessed witch. ” Even though she calls herself a witch what she is truly meaning is that she’s been a women of the night, a prostitute. She calls this kind of women only, twelve- fingered, out of mind because women of the night are usually always depressed, unusual, and psychotic in ways.

Even though what this women of the night feels is normal, society calls her out and says “A women like that is not a women,” She states towards the end of the first stanza. She has been her kind. In the second stanza, the roles have been changed and we are now introduced to a woman that has priorities in line to be a good housewife or mother. She finds whatever she can use to become useful In cooking or being organized, she Is more unconcerned with making her family happy and satisfied that she forgets about her own needs.

The society calls this woman misunderstood because even though she takes care of her family in a kind manner, she is unhappy because she isn’t making time for her happiness. Anne says again “l have been her kind. ” Lastly, the third stanza is of Anne giving up the criticism society has created towards her. She is giving up her innocence, her anger, and her life. She proclaims, ” Where your flames still bite my thigh and my ribs crack where your wheels wind.

She is describing how the publics disgrace and criticisms are physically tearing her to pieces. “A women like that Is not ashamed to die. ” Anne Sexton Brilliantly captures the Intensity of how women get correlated back then and still Into today’s world. Her emotion and Imagery presented Into each stanza pulls out the absolute understanding of who she describes without getting without being Judged by everyone around her, then her life isn’t worth living anymore. Lastly she says, “l have been her kind. “

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