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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
Type of paper: English EssaysLiterature
Words: 647
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There are a few things that I enjoyed watching, like the mob lifestyle where they kill without mercy, live in the moment, and the humor that Is portrayed In the film. I find It funny how they have sickness for one another like, Freddy No Nose, Fat Andy, and Jimmy Two Times. What I don’t agree on is the way they cheat on their significant other I understand it was the lifestyle back then but from a girl’s point of view it’s not something I would agree on. From the start of the movie, Henry Hill’s character appeal changes within the movie.

When he was a kid he worked under the mob as the errand boy (eventually moves up the ladder of a gangster), by the time he was twenty-one he was making more money than people with full time jobs, as an adult he wore nice clothes, had the finer things In life, and was respected by many. Once he started doing drugs his appearance changed to a paranoid person. Karen Hill character appeal was a good person at first once she met Henry she became crazy, jealous, and eventually she changed into the mob lifestyle.

I find it amusing when the men were in prison they still wore everyday clothing, had special privileges, and the law enforcement turned their heads and was paid off. I pictured them being In a Call cell and running things but I didn’t expect them to have these advantages where they pretty much own the Joint; they cook their own food (pasta course), have meat, fish, even lobster, ND had alcohol. Their jail cell looked like an apartment rather than an actual Jail cell. From high angle to low angle, to close up to long shots, Michael Balls captures Incredible key points of cinematography.

When Henry tells Karen “to take It easy’ when he wakes with a loaded gun in his face, I see him at his lost point because his life could be taken away so easily. From mid angle the scene where Pauline is introduced to the film, he is seen as the man who has all the power. The low angle Is seen when Tommy shoots the actor making him look Like a heartless murderer. The lose ups are what really brings out the movie like an extreme close up to money, it’s seen in almost every seen and plays a silent character.

One scene that stands out is the close up of Henry when he says, “Thirty two hundred dollars for a lifetime” I see how the drugs have ruined everything, the shame in his eyes, the guilt he feels, and the heartache of losing the trust Pauline. From a long shot, Henrys growth from a young teenage boy to a man where he has more experience, is much taller, and looks like a gangster with the clothes he wears. I also loved the scene where Henry is older ND Introduces the audience to his fellow gangsters, while he leads the camera around the club and calls out the characters name they either talk to the camera (Henry) or smile and nod.

I also enjoyed the freeze frames and how it would turn to a 1 OFF Pauline; even though he is quite and never really involved in much activity he still holds the power to the mob “May have moved slow, but it was only because Pauline didn’t have to move for anybody’. Henry says, “All they got from Pauline was protection from other guys looking to rip them off’ “Pauline and the organization offer is protection for the kinds of guys who can’t go to the cops. They’re like the police department for whiskeys”. Second Henry narrates “We paid off cops.

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