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FOA Script

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 6, 2017
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FOA Script

Mr.. Arthur Miller to come to our show. I’m sure everyone here knows one of his famous work, Death of a Salesman has reached to its 50th year. Tonight, he is here to tell us what motivates him to write this masterpiece and where his ideas come from. Let’s Welcome Mr.. Miller! Interviewer: Good evening Mr.. Miller, I can’t believe it has been 50 years already since this play was published. Personally this is my favorite all of your plays. Would you mind explaining this play in more detailed for us? Miller: Thank you.

I’m glad many people like this play as this is one of my favorites as well. The play examines the cost of blind faith in the American Dream. It is a tragedy about the differences between a New York family’s dreams and the reality of their lives. Back to sass, many people had their own ways to achieve their American Dream. They all wanted a desirable life. However, not everyone could achieve their American Dream. Therefore, I intentionally created the character, Wily Loan, in order to let the audience to understand how the American Dream cannot be achieved by having a blind faith In American Dream.

As “Loan” pronounced as Low-Man, this has suggested his low place in society. Wily Loan is a traveling salesman who is constantly striving to become a better man. He wants to become rich and to be liked by everyone, and to be successful In his work and life. These are all the components that make up his American Dream. Apart from this, each character In the play has his own definition of the American Dream. Willis sons, Biff and Happy have two different version for the American Dream.

Biffs American Dream is all about being out in nature, outdoors and working with his own hands while Happy American Dream Is o get rich quickly and to have a lot of women with him. Both Wily and Happy have the wrong dream, because of having this wrong dream, Wily has a tragic ending and Happy will repeat the miserable life of his father. At the same time, I created two contrasting characters to push out the fact that having the “right” American Dream can be achieved and end up becoming a very successful person. These characters are Ben, who is Will’s brother and Bernard, who is his neighbor’s, Charlie’s son.

Ben’s American Dream is to be realistic that he is willing to start with nothing and at stats ends with a very successful result. Barnyard’s American Dream is based on how successful a person Is In their academic and professional career. Through doing this, the audience can have both examples of having the right American Dream and the wrong American dream which can lead them into two completely opposite result. They will be able to find the differences of personalities and perspectives between a successful person and an unsuccessful person.

To make the message more effective, I created a depressed tone throughout the whole play In order to let the audience feel sympathetic for Wily. To create a depressed tone, the conversations between Wily and Biff are usually fighting with each other and contain a lot of tension as both of them are having deferent perspectives about the American Dream. For example, In Act Two (P. 132), Biff shouted to Wily that he Is a dime a dozen, and so Is he. Biff finally realized the fact that his father is not having the right and realistic American Dream.

The literary device of metaphor is used here to show how Wily and Biff are I OFF people they actually are. However, Wily responds in an uncontrolled outburst that he s not a dime a dozen, he is Wily Loan. It shows how Wily refuses to believe in this, he believes that he and his sons must be special. I hope the audience can realize the fact that if you don’t accept your flaws, you will never become a better person. As the society is forever growing and evolving, stubborn people like Wily will never grow and always get left behind.

Therefore, having a lot of self-awareness can help to achieve the American Dream and become successful. Also, after understanding Willis lack of self-awareness and having a wrong American Dream makes him never achieve success can let the audience feel sympathetic for him. It also reminds them Wily is not a good role model, he is never successful and he only knows how to daydreaming and doing nothing to achieve it. Success does not come from luck, personality and popularity. People should not do follow Willis footsteps.

If you want to become successful, it requires hard work, the willingness to open to change and not to be afraid to listen to the opinions from other people. The language device simile has been used throughout the play many times as well. For example, Wily is in he past, talking to younger Biff and Happy about them being, “… Both built like Adonis. ” Adonis are gods of beauty and desire. This is used to here to emphasize the idea that Wily has so much faith on his sons, he still think of themselves good- looking and everyone likes them since he thinks that if you get a good appearance you will be successful in your life.

What he did here is encouraging his sons to ignore school and focus on popularity rather than hard work. Audience will realize this is not true because in reality good appearances do not help them to become successful. This is a very important lesson for the audience as this false belief will make them become lazy which they will never succeed in their lives. When you are watching the play, you may notice there is a lot of irony in Willis lines. In Act One (P. 31), Wily tells his sons, “l have friends.

I can park my car in any street in New England, and the cops protect it like their own. ” Wily is imaging and telling his sons about taking them on his next business trip to New England, he is bragging about how powerful and popular he is. This is ironic as his family is still having difficulties n paying for repairs to the refrigerator and this is not the reality. This indicates that Wily is always lying to his sons about his success in his Job in order Just to look good to his sons and he is emphasizing being well-liked is the key to success.

The audience will then realize that Wily has the wrong perspective, he misunderstood the right way to lead him to success, his lies are creating bad influence on his sons’ perspective on how to achieve success. Another example, he once makes predictions in the future of Bernard and told his sons, “Bernard can get the best marks in school, UT when he gets out into the real world, you are going to be five times ahead of him. ” However, in Act 2, we see the grown up and successful Bernard visiting his father before he returns to his work.

Therefore, we see the irony in Willis inability to read the future of his sons, he always think he is right, but in reality, he is wrong. The audience can then acknowledge that this is not the kind of attitude a successful person should have. In society, people with this kind of attitude usually being disliked and ends up being the worst as they are too arrogant and will never accept their nakedness. Therefore, there will be no correction or improvement for themselves. Language. I did this on purpose to demonstrate his class dilemma.

The most frequent colloquial language he uses such as hood, goat, anti and goanna, this shows his status in the society as a lower-class as people in higher class does not speak the way he does. Moreover, this has shown Wily is attempting to be someone he’s not, and therefore fail to achieve his idea of the American Dream. This use of language can forces the audience to understand the message that the American Dream is not achievable by everyone in the society, and can be somehow misleading in its representations of a successful and perfect life for all people.

On the other hand, I used a lot of symbolism to make the message more outstanding in order to let the audience understand it more efficiently. One of the symbols I used the most frequent is trees. They even appeared in the very beginning of the play. In Act 1, when Wily arrives home, he explains that he was unable to drive to Portland for his sales call because he was distracted by the scenery in the countryside, where “the tress are so hind, and the sun is warm”. Although these trees seem to distract Wily from driving, it actually makes a connection to dreaming.

He tells Linda, “l absolutely forgot I was driving. If Dive gone the other way over the white line I mightier killed somebody. So I went on again, and five minutes later I’m dreaming’ again. ” Wily is unable to concentrate on driving, this indicates he loves daydreaming. Dreaming about being well-liked and being successful. The audience can understand how Wily is escaping reality of his failure and he cannot differentiate between reality and illusion. Also, audience should learn from Wily that they cannot live in the past.

Living in the past will not get you anywhere, we should always learn from it but our focus should be on the present and future. Seeds are another symbolism I have used in the play. Seeds represent Willis desire to start over. As he has worked as a salesman for many years, but he didn’t make any good accomplishment at all and he really didn’t enjoy his work. Therefore, he is always looking for an opportunity and hope that someday there will be a change and something good will happen. The audience will then realize how or the situation Wily is and how desperate he is.

From knowing how desperate Wily is, the audience will never made the same mistakes as Wily and change their attitude towards how to achieve their dreams. Together with the help of all of these literary devices and symbols, I really want to remind the audience the importance of having the right American Dream. To achieve the American Dream, hard work is required. There is no such thing that having a good appearance and being well-liked can lead you to success. I hope everyone will understand the play a bit better and work hard for your dream.

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