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Enders game

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
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Enders game

You can send your marines to accomplish something if they have no idea how to do it. Some marines are better at doing one thing than another, and other marines are better at other things. There are many things from this book that can be learned when leading your fellow marines. In chapter eleven “Even Vivid Vic” meaning; I came, I saw, and I conquered, they decide to make Ender Wigging start battling one team a day sometimes two or three in a day. He hasn’t even been in command of his team for a month yet and they are pushing him to test his limits and how he handles himself and his team.

No matter what they put up against him though he was able to think quickly on his feet, he handled his team very well and was able to defeat everything they threw at him. What I learned from this is that things are not always fair or equal, you have to be ready for the worst. You wont know If the next battle you fight, will be evenly matched or outnumbered thirty to one. That Just means you will have to think smarter and quicker than your enemy and be able to conquer anything that they throw at you.

Also In the same chapter Ender Wigging decided to surprise his teachers, mentors, ND competition by instead of making a formation like they have been trained to do, he decided to split his team up into individual platoons and have them carry out different tasks at the same time. During his first battle the opposing force did not expect Wigging’s team to be split up Like they were and was quickly conquered. What Wigging did surprised everyone and he defeated many teams by having each platoon accomplish multiple tasks at once.

This taught me two different things, first it taught me to do the unexpected and don be readable. If you keep doing the same thing ever again your opponent will be able to learn your tactics and he will be able to read what you’re going to do and be able to counter It. Wars have been around since the beginning of time, as long as there have been people wanting something other people have and/or trying to have more power, etc. Wars have been around. Wars have changed quite a bit since the beginning of time though.

For example back In colonial times all the military members would create big formation and march down to the front lines and all stand in a line and shoot and the enemy who is doing the same thing. In the present day now instead of formations we are split up to handle effective when attacking an opposing force. Also by separating your forces it makes it harder for the enemy to get a kill on us because instead of having a big group to fire at there are now smaller groups and it is harder take them down. The second thing that it taught me was that as I mentioned in the previous paragraph it is more effective and tactful.

By separating your force into smaller groups and sending them to accomplish multiple tasks at once you can get multiple tasks done at the same time so you can move on and push forward to defeating your enemy. For example if you are trying to infiltrate a building with enemy personnel inside you can split your formation into three groups and have group maneuver round to the back side and cover all possible escape and the other group goes around to disable power and communications while the main group awaits at the front entrance for the order to infiltrate the building.

If you really wanted to get tactful, you could have more groups sent to accomplish different tasks like a group of snipers, a group to rescue hostages if any, a silent group to drop in from the roof and tautly take out enemy personnel while the main force has them distracted. One of the things this book has really helped me to understand and learn more about was being a good leader and training your team.

It takes a lot to be a leader, smart, strong both physically and mentally, knowing your marines, knowing what you are capable of, how to out think your enemy, thinking outside of the box, etc. Being a leader also means you have to know your marines, earn their respect their loyalty, create a family or brotherhood, and understand them and know how to talk to them, only then will you have a team that will follow you through any condition and situation no matter what the odds because they trust you to lead them through anything and everything and not break down.

You have to know your marines and look out for their welfare, always be there for them. In the book one of Ender Wiggins fellow comrades named Bean goes to him after training and talks to him in private about how the team is getting along and how to improve himself and become a platoon leader. Ender helped him and gave him tips and advice on what he could do to improve himself and become a platoon leader. You must be able to talk to your marines and understand them so that you can help them and improve them.

Also when training your marines you have to know what the strengths and weaknesses are of each member of your team so that you can deploy them in accordance with their capabilities. You should be able to understand each other like hand signals, certain gestures, etc. So that you can effectively carry out the plan effectively and efficiently without any problems or confusion. Enders Game is a very good book to read and I would recommend this book to anyone, it is a good and easy read.

I learned a few things from it, like how to not be readable in combat because it could get you into a bad situation or even killed. I also learned more about how to lead your fellow marines in combat. You also have to be able to think quickly and ma sound and timely decisions and be ready for any situation and think on your feet. In the book Ender was pretty much a genius when thinking tactically and when he had to accomplish a mission, he was able to adapt to any situation and overcome it effectively. All in all anybody that reads this book will learn something from it and it is also very interesting to read.

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