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Compare And Contrast Planning Worksheet

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Type of paper: LiteraturePsychology
Words: 400
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Compare And Contrast Planning Worksheet

Use the following guided questions to help you plan and prepare for your compare and contrast essay. Be sure to follow the questions In the order they appear. Do not skip questions. This sequence Is aimed to produce meaningful and helpful pre-wrestling. 1 . Which poem are you comparing with Shakespearean Sonnet 1 8? Why did you choose this text? The poem I am using to compare with Shakespearean Sonnet 18 is Enable Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. I choose this text because it has a similar tone and theme as Sonnet 18.

In fact, they both show admiration toward their love. 2. Have you chosen a clear basis of comparison? What Is the shared aspect or common characteristic of both poems on which you plan to base your essay? A clear basis of comparison Is the author’s style. The author style is different but the theme is the same. 2 3. Develop points of comparison. Use the space below to list any similarities/differences or both for your two text. Be sure to keep your points parallel and use text details whenever possible. Similarities: Both author compares their love to an object

Both author has the same theme Differences Shakespeare was more direct than Poe. This is because Poe looked on toward the future and created a story 4. Try formulating a tentative thesis. Remember the formula: Topic + Angle=Thesis. In this case, the topic will be whether you see similarities and/or differences. The angle is why I should care about these similarities and/or differences. Use significance, consequence, and reason to help you come up with an angle. Topic (What Is salary and/or different In the two texts? : The similarity between the two text is the theme and imagery. However, the author’s the author have done this? : This is important because it shows that the poem is about love. Creating a passionate tone. The author might have done this to show how much he admires his love = Thesis: Enable Lee and Sonnet 18 are both similar yet different due to the author’s style 5. Sketch a plan. Think about the appropriate framework for your essay. Use the space below to create a tentative outline for your paper and of your ideas.

If you are stuck fitting your ideas into one framework, consider seeing if the other framework accommodates your ideas more easily.

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