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Both Stories Involve Manipulation In Different

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
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Both Stories Involve Manipulation In Different

Both stories Involve manipulation in different ways between men in an adult relationships In the kiss and manipulation of the young and vulnerable In the fly pepper -Both stories also Involve twists at the end, which In turn serve to manipulate the reader. In the story “The Kiss” by Kate Chopin Natalie manipulates Britain by playing upon him making her self look as the victim of the circumstances, by sucking up to him and making her self look pitiful. Saying that she felt very uncomfortable when talking to Harvey. “l have been very uncomfortable almost miserable since that title encounter the other afternoon. She claims that the kiss did not mean any thing due to the fact that he is her brothers close friend. In fact he is that close that he Harvey is like a family member. The story “The Flypaper” by E Taylor the old man acts or plays a role of a stereotypical pedophilia, which is a potential threat for Sylvia. By doing that he spreads fear in her, that leads Sylvia to panic and a urge of finding protection. “l believe I have seen you before” It by this quote we can guess that the old man has been observing her movements. In both of the story’s Lies are the the mall recipe of manipulation.

In the story “The Kiss” Harvey’s motives for manipulation is an innocent prank for a simple payback. He plays around with Natalie with a smile. The women falls in his trap and wants Harvey to kiss her. “Your husband sent me to kiss you. ” She of course fell for it and now desired him to kiss her, but Harvey rejected her with a smile. “l have stopped kissing women” he says. Not only he surprises the readers with this saying but also fools Natalie. Narrator comments on the situation by saying The person can’t have everything in this world and it’s a little unreasonable of her to expect it. It is clear that the narrator Judges the woman for her actions and a teases her with her decision. Referring to the times this story was written, woman were not treated appropriately and we’re not considered the same social status as men. In that saying It Is pretty clear that the writer has a sexist mentality, pretty common of that time. He generalizes women’s live decisions In two simple decision: Marry for money and live happy with a man you don’t love or marry for love and live poorly but happily with a en of your dreams.

In the story “The Flypaper” the manipulation is well prepared and acted out. The motives for the manipulation are very dark. The motives are unknown to the readers but it is certain that it is not for the sake of Just an innocent payback. Throughout the story Sylvia is Being followed, which makes the readers worry about the girl. When the women from the bus appears it gives the readers a little hope and a feeling that the girls has found her protection. “Haven’t your ever been told not to talk to strangers ? ” At this moment Sylvia feels that the situation Is loved and feels safe. Unfortunately It turns out to be an Illusion. The two stores contain an unfortunate twists at the end. Even though the two of them play with the readers by making them worry for the characters until the very end. “The Kiss” the ending surprises the readers as much as it surprised Nathalie in the story. No one expects Harvey to reject her. He waited up to her until the very last day, The day of her wedding to trick her. The ending of the story leaves the reader a feeling of melodrama and satisfaction. Melodrama is felt there due to the sympathy hat the reader feels towards Natalie.

She realizes that she will never kiss Harvey again and partly regrets her past actions. Satisfaction is appeared there due to the feeling of Harvey’s accomplishment in teasing her. In the story the “Flypaper” the name is a great metaphor for the story itself. Sylvia is shown as a defenseless insect that is trapped in a sticky hands of the old couple, like a fly in the sticky paper near the window in there flat. This story is memorable for its culmination that makes the reader worry, and its dark and disturbing end. The story keeps the reader hooked cause of the curiosity and sympathy of Sylvia.

Although The title of the story gives a little hit of what the ending might be, people always hope for the happy ending. While reading the story every one hopes for the best and supports the innocent girl. the ending Just blows everybody’s expectations and makes a really memorable scene. The feeling that appears in the ending is drama and terrible sympathy. The key that makes the readers want to continue is the absence of the uncertainty until the end. That is why the stories are very memorable and keep the readers attention until the end.

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