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Boses Interpretative Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 21, 2017
Words: 2143
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Boses Interpretative Essay

The first time they met, Ariel was furious with Nook since he hated the children In the shelter. Later on Ariel discovered Nook’s talent and before long Ariel taught Nook how to play the Instrument. Most of the events In the film happened In the shelter which was a valid setting for the film since it isn’t only about child abuse but the process of healing from the abuse. In addition, the film was presented through a third person point of view where the thoughts and feelings of the characters weren’t shown.

Though the characters’ insights weren’t narrated in the film, they were effectively shown through he actions and dialogues of the characters. Also, third person point of view is an effective way of presenting the film since it doesn’t only show the opinion of one person on the different characters; instead it introduces all characters and shows their own background. Doses revolved around the relationship between Ariel and Nook as teacher and student and also as friends. Both of them had their own problems which they needed to deal with.

Nook is still on the process of gaining back his trust in his father and Ariel is still moving on from his problem in the past that is haunting him until now. The film’s title pretty much says a lot about how the elements are portrayed and how they come together to create a great film all in all. First, the characters’ colorful or rather deeply wounding background stories add up to the impact of the whole story which speaks of the reasons why the characters come to have those kinds of behaviors in the present time.

It even utilizes psychological reasoning to portray character behaviors and reactions. Then there was the chronological placement of the story which didn’t flow according to which happened iris, but it showed pieces leaving the audience dazzled, wondering what happened In the past that that became the result of It, and later revealing It, making the audience hungry for the truth. The whole tone of the film was quite dramatic, and yet It did not become flat and repetitive unlike most mainstream Platoon dramas because It also showed some lighter moods In some segments.

Going back to the characters of the story, It was pretty good that the film makers decided to give no biased view point of who really Is the antagonist, after watching the whole film that Is. They gave almost all of the key characters even those who were the abusers in the film an equally scarring background story to have some sort of sympathy for each of the characters, showcasing the “Victim becomes the abuser” abusers do it Just for the heck of it but might have had a traumatizing experience that leads to them taking it out on others, which could carry on to future generations if not resolved in time.

Even if one finds a certain outlet like the lead characters were able to find music, it does not provide a permanent escape from the past, and can moieties lead to unconscious outbursts. One of the most important characters in the film is Challenge. Even though she was shown only in the beginning the movie, her role is very crucial. If Challenge did not call the police to report the unlawful doings of Mange Marcelo towards his son, we would certainly have nothing to watch. If she did not do anything Nook would probably grow up chained to his father; deprived of the freedom and rights to grow up in a normal environment.

Challenge represents the role model of a responsible citizen. She is a woman who stands for what she believes is right. Mange Marcelo even called her “summonsing” after being reported to the police, but that did not stop her for doing what is right. She pushed him aside and started to find where Nook was hiding. We can say that she is also the savior of Nook. She is one of the reasons for the new beginning of Marcelo family. Mange Marcelo is considered one of the antagonists in the movie. He is portrayed as a merciless father who abuses his own son.

However as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, in this case the movie shows that there is still hope for a change in Mange Marcelo behavior. After a year in prison, with the help of a rehabilitation process, Mange Marcelo was able to see his mistakes as a parent. This is visible when he got out of prison, he is very eager to be with his son and show him how much he has changed since then. Unfortunately for him Nook has still some flashback of his deeds whenever they see each other, causing him step back or run away from his father.

As time passed, the relationship between Mange Marcelo and Nook got better. In the end they even reconciled when Nook decided to return home. This shows that forgiveness is something hard to earn or receive. If you really want it, you must be able to move on and put everything behind to the past to give birth to a new beginning. This is what happened between them. Mange Ariel is portrayed as a lone musician. He is not able to move on from the death of his wife Bianca who committed suicide because he wanted to abort their child.

From that moment on, the memories of his wife kept hunting him to the point of him having some hallucination. Through music though he was able to let out these mixed feelings. When he came to know Nook, his loneliness decreased day by day as he anally found a reason to be enthusiast about life. Being the teacher to the talented Nook helped him to trust another person again. He was able to go out of his shell in which he was wrapped all this time thanks to Nook. In the end he was even able to perform again in stage, something he had not done in years.

Ms. Amanda was the owner of the center and sister of Mange Ariel the violinist. She plays the role of the second mother to all the kids, standing as guidance and support as they grew up. Nook is the main character of the movie. He is depicted as a victim of his own father is life. He was so terrified of his father that he would often hide inside a cabinet, something he would later do whenever he is afraid. The cause of him being mute is yet unclear, but he demonstrated in the movie that someone does not need to speak in order to be understood.

When he learned to play the violin, he would play and practice all day. Finally he had found an instrument to substitute for his voice and speak for him. The violin has become his voice to let other know his feelings. Being abandoned by his mother and mistreated by his father did not stop him to live a meaningful. If anything we think that those experiences contributed in making him such a tough person. Nook symbolizes that nothing is hopeless; no matter how hard can life be, there will always be a bright side in anything. While staying in the center he also made some friends.

One of them is Shirley, a girl who was molested by his father. She adds comedy in the movie by having sweet scenes with Nook. They became best friends immediately probably because Shirley wanted someone who would listen to her, and Nook was the perfect guy since he would not contradict or interrupt whatever she was saying. She suffers emotional instability despite her cheerful personality, the attempts of suicide when Nook was not playing with her clearly show that. Intent was another boy he knew at the center. He would play the part of the bully.

Probably due to emotional insecurities he feels growing up, he is often shown mocking and making fun of other in order to elevate himself from other. However when Nook threw a stone at him after being teased repeatedly, he starts to realize that his behavior is wrong. With time he began to change after the incident. In the movies we can identify many symbols that express deep meanings. First off is the violin. The violin stands as freedom. As Mange Ariel said in the movies, any emotion can be played through the violin by changing the tempo and the notes of a song.

The freedom to express every emotion through each stroke of the bow is a powerful and effective way to let out whatever emotion you keep inside. The violin also served as a new beginning to Nook. In learning how to play the instrument he was able to start a new chapter of his life wherein he would become happier and be able to communicate using his music as his medium. Next is the ashtray. Making the or Nook a human ashtray is so inhuman. This not only hurt Nook on a physical level but in an emotional level as well.

Imagine the innocence of Nook being poisoned by the cruelty that this world has to offer. This experience shocked him so much that maybe it is why he could not speak anymore. The experience and trauma would come to hunt him every time he sees his father causing him to run away and find a safe place: a cabinet. The theme was a pretty common social issue, which may have made the film more relatable to, and even if one has never been to such a situation, it nevertheless still evokes powerful and striking emotions leading to an overall great experience. The main theme of the movie is child abuse.

The act of treating a child like an animal or instrument is inexcusable and should not have a place in society. The kids of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, why treat them bad? Imagine if all kids grow up with a grudge inside of them, they will certainly hate the world and grow up treating others as they were treated. The parents should be the role model to the kids and with a sense of morality and dignity. Another theme tackled is premarital sex leading into unexpected pregnancy. Well it is good to be curious but when it comes to get involved into premarital sex, one should know what he/she is getting into.

Sex was not made to satisfy someone’s pleasure, rather it was made to keep the human race alive by giving birth to children. Other than that reason, sex is really not something to play with. If you are going to do it make sure you are prepared and responsible enough to accept the consequences of your actions. There is no undo button in life. If an unwanted pregnancy comes along, there is no escape button to undo your action. Abortion is certainly not an escape button. Nobody has the right to take a child’s life to undo his/her mistakes.

In this case, if Mange Ariel was mature enough to take responsibilities of his action, he would not have lost Bianca and the child. Even though premarital sex is considered sinful, most people keep doing it despite the fact they know what they will be facing. If a child comes unexpectedly in your life, do not consider the child as a hindrance in your life rather accept it as a gift or blessing. Oboes was no cheap drama where striking points of the plot are parts where important characters die or Just making its audience experience the epitaph of the cacti by showing them how they suffer for a longitude of time.

You can definitely say that it was crafted by passionate hearts that are set not only to make money, but to send a deep and striking message to all its viewers. Sure it is a common Filipino drama theme, child abuse, pain and suffering, but they placed the pieces of the plot in melodious harmony, Just like how the lead characters played music in harmony, and you could really tell the effort put behind the cast, the story, the characters, and pretty much everything, effort that really bore fruit into a powerful film, truly worthy to be called an amazing one.

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