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Book Report Anna

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
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Book Report Anna

It’s not Just that it is new and different names compare to what I am used to, it also sounded weird in my head. In Europe and USA the names sound in one way and I am used to hear European name because I live in Europe and used to American/ British names because of all music I listen to and all series I watch. Halfway through the book I hadn’t figured out if some names were cities or names at people. And that made It hard to know If someone was talking about a person, a place or a city. For example so told one of my classmates that

Purloining Is Shahs father and I had thought for the whole first chapter that Is was the name of the tribe. So I was having problem with some words in the book but that was not the main problem. In the same way of not get the names I had a bigger problem, the book didn’t make any sense at all. Maybe I should have read a little more about the Maori before I started reading the book. It was like a crash between my culture and theirs. Not like when I read a book that takes place in USA or a another country in Europe when something was different.

Now everything came like a surprise and a thinker. The book was a something new and something to think about, I truly agree with that. But still a turn the world up side down if you compare to my own culture. One example of this Is In the beginning of he book when the bury Shah’s birth cord. I had to read those pages twice because It sounded so strange In my head, bury the birth cord where no one could find It and no one ( except for the boys ) could know where the buried it and all this were made to get a connection with the nature.

Furthermore they have a totally different way of living and because of this was it hard to imagine the life of a Maori in front of me. To illustrate this you can think about the Manor’s relationship to the ocean and our relationship to the newest technology. The live as they always have done and we (most of us) want the newest coolest things. Whether is a new fast car or a thin fancy smartened, we want the latest. We say that that “is in our nature” to want the new and the best but, is it really like that?

The Maori claim hat it “is in our nature to live like we always have done” Maybe there is no general answer for what is in our Nature. Finally, least but not least is the book made up of so much racism and discrimination so I was hard to read the book and throw something at the wall. I am deadbeat tired of all this stupid arguments and Ideas of some kind of people Is better than some other kind else. Why In the world wouldn’t Kaka be a perfect leader for the tribe just because of her gender? However it would be a totally she wasn’t interested to live a life the a typical Maori.

But now Koru, the leader, won’t even give her a chance. It really is discrimination. And that is one of the things a really can relate to, if you are born with a penis you have certain benefits in life. It is sad to say so but it is true. It doesn’t matter how much we want to say that everyone is equal, we are not. Even though we live in one of the most equal countries in the world. In Sweden a girl needs to do the double of a man to be seen as equally good, and it hurts to think about how hard it is for girls/ women in other countries to be seen as better than a man.

On the whole is the book a well written story with a good main theme. Perhaps I was the main problem this time, I was not the optimal reader. I was not in the mood for reading the book. I was not so happy to read a book Just because I had to and not for fun and I should have read a little more about the Maori before, perhaps if I had done this I would have liked the book. To conclude I want to say that I still can recommend the book. I definitely recommend the book to people who is interested in nature, in other cultures and of course, people who is interested in the Manor’s.

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