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Albert Fish “America’s Boogeyman”

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
Words: 3314
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Albert Fish “America’s Boogeyman”

Over 1 00 years ago, a cannibal ogre in the guise of a kindly old man, lured children to destruction with the promise of a treat. Albert Fish, is the only individual who was diagnosed with every sexual perversion known to man, at that time. He was monster that likes to give pain, as much as he liked to receive it. Words cannot describe what would make a person turn out the way Hamilton “Albert ” Fish did. The torture he Inflicted on over 400 young children Is sheer cruelty.

Albert Fish had a passion for human flesh, longed to cause extreme pain to himself, and he gained pure ratification by inflicting pain on children. This deviant monster would become sexually aroused by young children that had no chance to escape. Albert Fish was an organized serial killer that got away with every sexual perversion known, until he wrote the sickest letter ever to his last velvet. Serial killers are determined or labeled through many different ways, there Is not a clear-cut way to describe what makes a serial killer act the way they do.

A serial killer use to be determined by the number of killings, varying from two to ten victims, but apart from the obvious heartsickness (sick minds, twisted desires, compulsion to kill repeatedly) it is hard to generalize about serial killers. There are so many expectations to every rule that talking about the typical traits of serial killer is surprisingly tricky. The FBI definition of a serial killer is the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events. The crimes may occur over a period ranging from hours to years (there has to be a cooling-off or temporal aspect period) (Serial Killer Class Notes).

Most serial killers spend time fantasizing about their next victim(s) causing them to o on the prowl for their next victim. When their desires get to strong to resist they will kill again, they will reach their climax when the victim dies and afterward, they experience a “cooling-off period (but the desire to kill returns) and this is the “building up” period. In short, their unspeakable acts are a source of supreme pleasure to serial killers, who achieve the highest pitch of arousal even to the point of orgasm-by inflicting savage harm on other human beings (Serial Killer Class Notes).

The mind off serial killer can be studied to see if they have chemical imbalances hat effect the frontal lobe of their brain, which may cause them to have behavioral problems, not allowing them to control their serotonin levels (chemical that are known as the peace maker). When the frontal cortex and frontal lube are dysfunctional, it can cause a person to be violent. Deep In the brain Is where the Limbic system is located, this part of one’s brain Is where chemicals are released and sent to the frontal lobe.

The frontal lobe of the brain Is the central processor that coordinates the control of violence-elf working correctly It will help a person stops the Impulses to be violent. When there Is damage (trauma, head Injuries, tumor on the brain) then the chemicals that come from the Limb system will cause aggressive Impulses. Studies show may serial killers have a dysfunctional frontal lobe In return making them want to act on the Impulses that cause them to kill (Films Medal Group, 2005). There are many reasons why a person becomes a serial killer; however, there is no study that has been proven as to why a person turns out to be a serial killer. Rain function, family background, or abuse) may be the making of a serial killer. The brain shapes the personality and behavior of a person, therefore, killers are a suture of hardwire, environmental, learned, and choices (Films Media Group, 2005). Most serial killers are considered to have psychopathic ways or are psychotic, but more than often a serial killer falls under the psychopathic personality than psychotic. Psychotic is what most serial killers try to get the court to label them as because then they are able to Justify why they killed, they say they did not know right from wrong, and they are insane.

As young as six months or earlier a child begins to learn right from wrong through the teachings of their parents, even if the parent is abusive. Psychosis is defined as a severe mental disorder characterized by some degree of personality disintegration. Psychotics live in a night marsh world of their own. They suffer from hallucinations and delusions-hear voices, see visions, and possessed by bizarre beliefs. They have lost touch with reality. Depending on the severity of the psychosis symptoms, symptoms may be constant or they may come and go (making the person appear to be normal sometimes and then not all there).

Psychosis is seen particularly in schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, it is referred to thought disorder in which reality testing is grossly impaired (genetic disorder), and usually treated with neurological medication (Serial Killer Class Notes). In many studies, serial killers are found to be psychopaths not psychotic. A psychopath is not legally insane, and they usually are highly intelligent people. Some of the scariest things about a psychopathic serial killer is that they blend in with the normal crowd, are charming, and they know the difference between right and wrong.

Their pleasant personalities, however, are Just a show and as psychologist Harvey Clerkly stated in 982, underneath their “mask of sanity” they are profoundly disturbed individuals (Serial Killer Class Notes). Most human beings are filled with emotions and are capable of showing love, sorrow/sympathy, empathy, guilt or remorse and get unusually uncomfortable when faced with things that make their adrenaline kick in (such as when stopped by a police officer, having a car accident, or life threatening events), but a psychopathic person stays calm.

The most striking feature of a psychopath is generally aggressiveness, lack of empathy, irresponsible, intelligent, dangerous, and antisocial.. They are manipulators capable of hiding emotions in order to carry out their personal agendas without remorse for the plight of their victims. The veneer of stability, friendliness, and normality belies a deeply disturbed personality. They maintain social distance, sharing intimacy only with those they can psychologically control (Hickey, 2009). Children process their experiences different and react to stressful situations each in their own way.

Because each child deals with life stress differently, some children are at greater risk of developing inappropriate behaviors. Some children can manifest a variety of behaviors, which re more noticeable or detectable than others. Serial killers have been linked to childhood maladaptive behaviors such as precocious sadism (torturing animals), enuresis (betting), and pyromania (fire starting). Any of these three behaviors, neither termed the MacDonald Triad, is a good predictor of later adult violent behavior nor is the Triad itself a valid instrument to measure future violence.

However, there is a correlation between youth with such behaviors and they do aggressive outbursts of adults who murder are associated with a history of maternal or paternal deprivation. The child that suffers from or is exposed to emotional neglect, not shown that they are loved, physically and emotionally abused, molested, rejected and belittled frequently repressed later to commit murder. The MacDonald Triad reveals that the psychopathology of violent adult offenders often stems from dysfunctional families.

The pathology and psychological disturbance that can develop in children who suffered from trauma of severely poor parenting are indicated behaviors outlined in the MacDonald Triad and the ADSM-IV. Unfortunately, all too often parents and authorities are quick to punish without recognizing these behaviors as “red flags” that the child is suffering and needs help (Hickey, 2009). The five major motives a serial killer uses to kill their victims are as follows: The visionary motive is when the killer claims to be insane and tries to plea insanity whey caught; however, only a few cases are genuinely compelled by such delusions.

The mission- oriented type serial killer believes that their acts of killing are Justified on the basis that they are doing the world a favor by getting rid of a certain type of person (often prostitutes or members of a certain ethnic group). They are usually different from the there types of killers because they are non-sexual. The hedonistic/thrill-oriented killers usually kill for the sheer pleasure, they desire to kill with no concern of the person’s life, they like the “chase” of hunting, torturing, and abusing their victims.

There is usually a strong sexual aspect to the crime; they indulge in necrophilia (sex after death) or cannibalism (eating the body). Lust killers are another form of hedonistic, but they become more aroused the more heinous the torture. The power and control killer is the most common serial killer. Their main objective is to gain and exert power over their victim. This type of killer is usually the ones that were abused as a child and they feel compelled to repeat the ritual on their victims that were preformed on them.

The serial killer who commits multiple murders for material means are considered gain killers (such as mob hit men), and mostly motivated by economic rather than psychopathology compulsion (Ruction, 2007). Serial killers are identified through the FBI by the information that is gathered at the scene of the crime through profiling techniques as “organized”, “disorganized”, or “mixed” murders. Usually an organized murderer is often intelligent and socially competent, whereas, the disorganized offender is viewed as average intelligence and socially immature.

An organized killer has control of their emotions and their victims, they follow the news (watching the media’s response and sometimes even go back to the scene), they are not insane, and they shows no remorse over their criminal behaviors. However, an organized killer can become disorganized or even mixed as time goes they tend to get careless. Disorganized murderers do little pre-planning, leave evidence at the scene (having a higher risk of apprehension), they live and work near the scene, and their anxiety during the crime is elevated.

Mixed organization at the scent and mean the killing may be premeditated but the killer is either Just stating their killings or may Just be sloppy/careless as they kill more victims (Serial Killer Class Notes). Hamilton “Albert” Fish was born in Washington DC on May 19, 1870. His parents were from a family with a long history of severe mental illness and religious maniac. At the age of five, his father passed away and he was sent to live at the orphanage, he endured brutal beatings and sadistic acts of brutality. The frequent beatings he received there seemed to have sexually aroused him. Fish loud later say, “That place ruined my mind. (Deckhand, 2007). Raised in a gothic ally run orphanage, Albert Fish was schooled in sadism by a female teacher who disciplined disobedient boys and girls by striping them naked and beating them in front of the other children. According to FBI findings, 42 percent of serial killers have suffered serve physical abuse as children, 43 percent were sexually molested, and a full 74 percent were subjected to ongoing psychological torture. It is undoubtedly true that other factors are involved in the making of serial killers. Still “negative parenting” is in variably present in their backgrounds.

Brutalized in childhood, the serial killer grows up full of a murderous rage that is turned against all humanity. He can know pleasure only by administering pain. He can feel alive only when he is inflicting death (Everett and Stretcher, 2006). Shorts after being reunited with his mother, Fish fell out of a cherry tree causing severe headaches. Not knowing if the frontal lobe of the brain was damaged or not, he continued with his schooling. Fish graduated high school and started working odd Jobs, traveling around the country. This gave him the perfect opportunity to commit crimes (leisureliness’s, 2010).

Fish admitted to frequenting bathhouses to view boys undressing, to becoming a male prostitute and to raping many young boys. By the age of twenty-eight, his mother arranged a marriage between him and his first wife a woman nine years younger than he was. After 19 years (in 1917), his wife ran away with another man and was never seen again. He fathered six children during his marriage. Because he was a sadomasochist (a person that derives sexual pleasures from receiving and exerting pain), he would make his children whip him with a paddle containing sharp nails, until he bleed.

After his wife left him, Fish spent his free time writing obscene letters to widows listed in the personals section of the newspaper. No one ever wrote him back because he letters were very graphic. Fish frequently mutilated himself by sticking sewing needles in his tentacles and shoving cotton balls filled with alcohol in his anus, to light them on fire (Dundee, 2010). Over a twenty-year span, he molested more than four hundred children and was responsible for the death of sixteen children (mostly boys).

His fantasies were so intense, according to psychologists who examined him; he was the only individual who was diagnosed with every sexual reversion known, at that time (Deckhand, 2007). Fish’s fantasies consisted of masochist (forms of inflicting pain on one’s self), co-paragraph (deriving sexual pleasure from eating feces), Perihelia (abnormal love for sexual deviation or perversion), cannibalism (eating human flesh), pessimism (deriving sexual pleasure from Jabbing himself with sharp objects) (for example, he liked to insert long-stemmed roses into his penis and look at himself in the mirror.

Then he would remove the roses and eat them), flagellation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, (peeping tom), undines (sexual reoccupation with urine), fetishism, pedophilia, analogous (oral stimulation of the anus), and plus a few no one had ever heard of before. Undoubtedly, the single most perverted serial killer in the annals on American crime was Albert Fish, according to the experts that examined him (Everett and Stretcher, 2006). In 1910, Fish committed his first murder in which he mutilated and tortured his victim.

From that showed that most of his victims were black and from poor families. It is suspected that Fish purposely targeted this demographic since racism at that time made it unlikely that anything would be done about the murders. The process of murder that he utilized was slow torture. He employed several types of torture devices, which he referred to as his “instruments of hell. ” Each child that he kidnapped they would be tied up and whipped with a belt covered in nails. His other instruments included a handsaw, meat cleaver, and various knives (Dundee, 2010).

During his reign of terror, Fish, was arrested and detained by police on several different occasions. He was charged with everything from sending obscene mail, petty theft, and public indecency, to being mentally ill. At no time did authorities suspect that he was palpable of insanely violent crimes. He stayed in the mental hospital several times, but released because they determined that although he was a little weird, he was sane, so he continued slipping through the cracks. He would stand around screaming at the sky that he was Christ.

He even told anyone that would listen that GOD told him to kill. He was entrusted by families to care for their children because he was a gray-haired, grandfatherly old man, who looked so sweet and kind, but Fish spent his lifetime torturing, mutilating, and ultimately cannibalizing little boys and girls (leisureliness’s,2010). The crime that brought Fish to public attention was the 1928 kidnapping-murder of a pretty, twelve-year-old, girl named Grace Bud. Fish went to the Bud’s home under the alias, Frank Howard, offering their son Edward a Job; he claimed to own a farm in Long Island.

After befriending her parents and gaining their trust, Fish made up a diabolical lie. He said that his niece was having a birthday party and asked if Grace could Join him at the party. Mr… And Mrs… Bud-who had no way of knowing that the grandfatherly old man was a monster-agreed. The Bud family never saw Grace again. Fish took this trusting little girl, dressed in her Sunday finest, to an isolated house in a northern suburb of New York City. He requested Grace to stay outside for a few moments while he went up stairs and undressed.

Fish called Grace to come upstairs and she started screaming because he was standing there naked. He strangled her, butchered her body, and carried off several pounds of her flesh. He turned her “meat” (as he called it) into a cannibal stew, complete with carrots, onions, and bacon strips. He remained locked in his room for the next nine days, savoring the unholy meal and compulsively masturbating (Everett and Stretcher, 2006). Fish remained at large for the next six years, but one of New Work’s detectives named William King make the Grace Bud case his personal crusade and continued to pursue Fish.

Fish let his inner demons get the best of him, in 1934, as he felt compelled to write the Bud’s one of the sickest letters ever written. Officer King was able to track down his quarry through the letterhead stationery Fish had used. He would have probably gotten away with the crime if he had left things as they were. Fish was caught, and he went in front of the Jury where he pleads insanity, and he Jury acknowledged that he was insane; they believed he should be electrocuted anyway.

Fish subjected himself to grotesque forms or torture as penance for his sins- eating his own excrement and shoving sewing needles up into his groin, that was his sacrificial offering to the Lord for all the children he mutilated and murderer. After hearing that he was sentenced to death, the bizarre old man reportedly exclaimed, only one I haven’t tried! ” (Everett and Stretcher, 2006). On January 16, 1936, the sixty- five-year-old man went to the chair, and it took two full electrical charges to kill Fish. The second charge actually shored out the electric chair.

X-rays was taken after he died, and unbelievable as it seemed, there were 29 different needles lodged throughout his lower abdomen, between his hip bones, around his rectum and bladder, and in the muscles of his groin which had been inserted into his body from below, evidently through his perineum (the flesh between his anus and scrotum). Among his dizzying array of masochistic pleasures, the wildly perverted old man had been sticking sewing needles into his own groin for years, and some eroded from time. (Everett and Stretcher, 2006). Albert Fish preyed on young children to satisfy is own sexual desires.

He was the worst known serial killer known to man. Studies have been proven that many different reasons can cause a person to become a serial killer, but Albert Fish is the worst of the worst. He came from a family with a long line of mental illnesses; he was abused in the orphanage and had damage to his head from falling out of the cherry tree. He claimed that he was ruined in the orphanage, but how can a person get to the point of derangement as he was by being spanked? I believe Albert Fish was a born serial killer and nothing could have stopped him from his perversions.

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