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Common Vocabulary in Today’s Time

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
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Common Vocabulary in Today’s Time

In today’s time our vocabularies have widened greatly. Using different languages or missing words are not uncommon. Many different places use various slang terms in conversation. Junky is a term that originated from a Truest McConnell student. It has many definitions and can be used in various forms. It was created as a universal meaning for many different sayings or emotions. Many words in our language today have been made into slang terms.

Junky is a prime example, but it is a word impolitely capable of being useful in the English vocabulary. Junky is an unknown word that was created at Truest McConnell College. The word was created at a small table in the Truest McConnell Cafe©. The word is fairly uncommon to those that were not at the table. It Is not a hard word to understand, although Its sound Is quite different. Junky Is a term that can be used for a number of reasons. The mall or the original definition means gross. For example, “Did you see how Junky that bathroom was? This can be used when describing a noun. It can also be used when describing a situation. For example, His situation is junky after the police found the stolen money at his house. ” In this sentence Junky is describing the intensity of the situation. Junky is a very useful word because it can be used in a positive or negative way. The context clues that are within the sentence will help the reader to determine the positive or negative flow of the word. Junky can be used almost anywhere. The downside of using Junky is that the word is very informal.

It is obviously not in the dictionary, so the speaker or writer must be careful when he or she uses It. The word was made up during a game at dinner. The rules were Just to see who could come up with the coolest sounding word, but with a legitimate meaning. Junky can be used In many different ways, but It all depends on the discretion of the writer. “That kid is so jangled” is another example of how junky can be used. In this text, junky is being used in the past tense form. It still holds the same meaning just as every other English word does, when written in the past.

Janice Castro, Dan Cook amp; Christina Garlic’s story Spangling uses two different languages. Junky is completely English. It was created as single word, but with multiple meanings. This word can be understood by reading the different context clues from the writer or speaker. This is convenient because it helps to eliminate the use of repeated words in a sentence. It is convenient to use Junky because it allows the writer or speaker to use shorter phrases and sentences. This is similar to Spangling. “Many lean to shorter, clipped phrases In place of the longer, more graceful expressions their arenas used. P. 193) This Is Important today because technology Is so advanced and everyone wants the fastest way to communicate verbally and physically. Junky is a newly founded word. It has many meanings that can easily be word is not difficult to spell or use. It can be used in a couple different tenses, but it is most commonly used when describing a situation or a noun. Using slang and or shortened phrases can sometimes help to communicate faster. This is important with the growing technology in today’s time.

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