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Salutatory Speech

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
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Salutatory Speech

Ms. Aniline Lemons, teachers, parents, honorable guests, most kind benefactors especially the North American Alumni Association, friends, and fellow graduates, good afternoon. On behalf of the graduating class, I am blessed and fortunate to welcome you all in the most awaited part of our high school life: Graduation Day.

After 4 years of hardships and pain, we can finally say that, As I was writing this speech, the past 4 years I had in this school flashed back. The shouts of Joy when we were happy or when we have overcome a certain problem, the tears we shed when we were sad or angry or frustrated; success and failures, triumphs and mistakes, these things molded us to become who we are today. It seems yesterday when we were Just a bunch of confused freshmen.

We wandered into the four walls of this civic center, anxious and intimidated, but time went by so sat and before we knew it, we eventually come to a halt from all our childish acts and began to spread and widen our horizons. We have changed and matured. We were told to grow up, and we did. We were told to make sure we graduate, and we’re here today. Our friends and families, our teachers and benefactors, we already understand the importance of living in this “merry-go-round battle” and finally become one with it.

We are halfway to the road of fulfillment and true success. The runner in our high school life has already come to an end, but as we trudge along another Journey, the memories of the good old days will always linger in our hearts and minds. SST. Joseph School-La Sale has been our second home for 4 years which formed within us the 3 Alsatian values, Faith, Service, and Communion. Perhaps, the most important lesson we’ve learned is to continually uphold the Alsatian spirit and zeal by way of making moral choices and living with Jesus as we serve others.

March 3 is not yet the end, for the truth is, we’ve only Just begun. As we hurdle the last chapter, we are also dawning to take again our first among thousand steps. Now, we are faced with incredible power and responsibility. We have the power before us to choose our destiny and the responsibility to choose wisely. Instead of bidding farewell to the class 2012, I would like to give the first wish of “GOOD LUCK! ” Once more, I welcome you all to Join us in our next Journey. Anima La Sale! Thank you very much and once again, Good afternoon!

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