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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
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In the following report I have analyzed the potential leader that I want to become in the future, In terms of type of leader I want to become, the characteristics that type of leader should possess, my current characteristics, how to become like the type of leader I want to be and how to measure how successful I have been In becoming Like this type of leader In the report I have also analyzed my current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leadership. I have also realized that I need to work on my weaknesses and strengths to develop my skills to become the best leader I can e.

In this report I have also analyzed the business position I want in the future for myself and through this report I have realized how important it is to become a good leader in order to be effective as a marketing manager, in terms of motivating, encouraging and allowing innovation to take place in marketing and advertising plans. Through this report I have also understood my current weaknesses and how best to overcome them, which will be a huge help In trying to become a great leader I have also analyzed the areas that I need to work on In order to become a great charismatic leader.

While doing this report I have also understood the Importance of reflections. So that I can analyze where I am and where I was before to see how much I have improved, if at all and how best to move forward to work on any weaknesses I might have at that point. 2. 0 Introduction Leadership in an organizational role involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision and coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members or stakeholders.

A leader is a errors who comes to the forefront in case of crisis, and is able to think and act In creative ways In difficult situations. There can be leaders from various professions such as politics, business, sports, religions, etc. Currently, I’m most Interested In the business leader category since I’m hoping to engage In the business sector In the future and hoping to become a business owner one day.

Leaders have the capability to be able to single handedly determine the success of a group whether it be a sports group, political or business group as leaders are able to realize that they can get hinges done on their own so they are able to get employees or group members to be motivated and determined at achieving the goal set out for them Leaders also do a lot of work themselves, in fact they might be the most important people in any group as it is them who will provide direction for his team to head in and can determine success of the group.

Many people in the world strive to become good leaders however only few are able to understand the skills needed to become a truly great leader. In today’s organizational world there are many tasks for a leader to do and it is very radar for organizations to become successful with good leaders and therefore when organizations hire employees they do tend to at the employees leadership skills. I feel personally that I have the skills and drive to become a good charismatic leader.

I feel that it is charismatic leaders that are truly able to influence the people around them and are able to get them to give their all in achieving a specific task for goal in a way that will most effective and charismatic leaders also inspire other people to try and become like them so that when one leader does leave his position there will be nether one to take over the vacant leadership role Some of the greatest leaders in the world have been charismatic leaders and have left some great legacies, people such as Martin Luther King Jar. Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy are some of the best charismatic leaders that the world has ever know and as most people know it is through their leadership style that they were able to leave their mark on the world and were able to get their message across in such an effective way as well as motivate and inspire others they way they did. 3. 1 Characteristics of a Charismatic Leader

Charismatic leaders are able to become so effective mainly because of their great ability to communicate with others. (Abaca, n. D. ) They are able to communicate with others on an emotional level that is able to inspire and motivate other people and make them believe in the leader and his cause and give their all to help the leader achieve his goals and objectives.

A charismatic leader is a leader that is able to give vision and a mission to his followers and is able to instill pride and gain the respect and trust of his followers. They have a clear vision have set goals and know how to tick to them and they know how to communicate their vision and how to achieve that vision to their followers and that is how they become successful. (Oar, 2008) Charismatic leaders have characteristics that set them apart from regular leaders.

Charismatic leaders are visionaries, they posses masterful communication skill when communicating with others, they are able to motivate and inspire their followers to make them feel capable in what they do, they are action oriented and care about doing things rather than talking about doing things, they are very emotionally expressive and is able to portray a sense of warmth, they tend to enjoy taking risks as they want to be innovative and push forward rather than Just do what has been done before, they use unconventional strategies very often and tend to be dramatic and quite unique. . 2 The position I want in the future the marketing field and one day I hope to become a marketing manager in a multinational firm where I can best succeed given my passion and my drive is to always work hard and I feel that I am creative and understand the marketing field better than any other.

A basic Job description for a marketing manager says that a arresting manager would be responsible for maintaining marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives, evaluate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data and implement marketing plan changes and to oversee all marketing, advertising and promotion staff and activities (Halverson, 2006) The Job description says that a marketing manager is also responsible to demonstrate communication with all company employees.

Also build trust, value others, communicate effectively, drive execution, foster innovation, focus on the customer, collaborate with others, solve problems creatively and demonstrate high integrity. Halverson, 2006) Being a marketing manager it is important to have a lot of the skills of a charismatic leader as it is the marketing managers responsibility to inspire his marketing and advertising team to become more creative and innovative in their marketing plans, it is also the marketing managers responsibility to be able to communicate well in telling his employees what is expected from them from top level management.

The marketing manager has to also build trust, value others, foster innovation and drive execution all of which are characteristics of a charismatic leader. Therefore for me to become an effective marketing manager in the future I feel that I should try and become more like a charismatic leader so that I can perform my responsibilities effectively and move the organizations I will work for forward. 4. My Strengths and Weaknesses I was able to determine my current strengths and weaknesses in terms of my leadership capabilities through various self assessment tests. These self assessment tests were good for me as it helped me realized what are the best qualities I currently have to be a good charismatic leader in the future and what characteristics I need to work on in order to become the best charismatic leader that I can be in the future.

Through one self assessment test I was able to find out that I often tend to do more leadership tasks than managerial tasks when given a leadership role. I feel that this is a strength I have when it comes to motivating and communicating with my team, however if I want to become a marketing manager in the future I will have to work on my managerial tasks in the future.

Another self assessment helped to understand whether or not I am ready to make hard decisions in a leadership questions with many possible answers. I found that it took time for me to finish this self assessment and therefore I might to be quite where I want to be when it comes to making hard decisions but I am hoping it is something that will come with time whilst realizing I have to put an effort in and try and make more hard decisions.

Another self assessment test showed me that currently my currency, agreeableness and adjustment are all good and these are some on my best strengths as it will help me in order to become a good charismatic leader, but the same self assessment test showed me that I need to work on my conscientiousness and openness to experiences which are not bad but could be better if I want to become the best charismatic leader I can be.

I also found out through another self assessment that when I gather information I use more a lot more if my sense than intuition and when I evaluate information I use a lot more feeling that thinking as a leader I think It would be important for me to work on this as there might be people even followers who might think differently and therefore it is important to try and understand things from their point of view as well.

I also did a self assessment on my communication kills and the charisma I show when I communicate. Through the results I found that I am quite a charismatic communicator, however I need t used more examples to illustrate the facts I present, use inclusive language that makes people feel part of my vision which is something every good charismatic leaders should do and use more emotive language as facts.

I also took a self assessment test to check which power type I use to try and influence others and the results have showed me that I use coercive power the least to try an influence people because I got a very low score for that and I use expert power and efferent power the most to try and influence people as I feel that this is what is most important to achieve goals and tasks. The results also showed me that I need to work on my reward, connection, information and legitimate power types to try and get people to follow me. Another self assessment helped me to understand the influencing tactics that I use to try and get people to follow me.

The results of the self assessment showed me that I can stand to develop my influencing tactics in order to become a better leader especially in terms of personal appeals apprising and location tactics as well as a few other areas. I also took a self assessment to help me understand my current active listening skills which is also another major part of being a good charismatic leader. I found that my active listening skills are quite good but I do need to on asking questions and paraphrasing as these two are the worst aspects of my active listening skills.

I also took a self assessment to see how good I am at giving positive feedback and negative feedback, when it comes to positive feel back I am quite good at it with only a few things that I need to work on, however hen it comes to negative feedback I have realized that this is one of my weaknesses as it is one the leaders main tasks regardless of what kind of leader to are to be able to give your followers negative feedback and I realize that this is something I will types of conflict management and according to the results I am supposed to try and use only the collaboration form of management conflict which I use often but I should try and use more. It also helped me realize that I should try and reduce using the negotiation and accommodation forms of conflict management. I also feel that nether major strength I currently possess is that I have worked in many groups and team based projects before where I have become the leader of the group on a few occasion so I do have a basic understanding of what is expected from a leader and what leadership traits I already do posses with me.

I think another strength that I possess is that while I am capable of working on my own I prefer to work on with groups as I have a outgoing personality and that is important to be a good leader and to motivate and inspire your followers. I also feel that leaders with an outgoing resonantly are much more suited to become leaders that people who prefer to work alone. 4. 1 SOOT Analysts 4. 1. 1 Strengths I am almost finished with my degree, so I feel my education is a major strength I have I think my creativity is a major strength of mine as well as I love to come up with new, innovative ideas I think the fact that I am not afraid to take risks is also a good strength that I have. I feel that I am able to understand when change is needed in a situation and I am not afraid to initiate it.

I have a strong set of beliefs and values in that I should do only what is ethically erect and never abusive any leadership power I will have 4. 1. 2 Weaknesses My inability to give negative feedback is a major weakness of mine and is something that I will need to work on a lot in order to become a good leader I can be an emotional leader so I might tend to mix personal and professional matters, which is something that I should not do. 4. 1. Opportunities My communication skills are also a strength of mine, although I still can work on it to make it better. Once I get a few years of work experience I will apply for an MBA, so that I can develop my knowledge on leadership. . 1. 4 Threats in a team so it will be up to me to show that I am the best option to be leader.

As I want to become a charismatic leader and if when I start working there might be someone else who also wants to be a charismatic leader, we might try to outshine the other. 5. 0 Comparison of Current Abilities with Desired Abilities I feel that my current leadership abilities are not too bad and through my degree I have the foundations in abilities and understanding to be a good charismatic leader. However I do realize there are still many leadership qualities that I need to develop ND gain Through the self assessment tests I understand where I stand in terms of my leadership abilities and where my strengths and my weaknesses are and I know and understand what are the areas that I have to develop.

I have realized that I need to work more on my communications skills although they are not too bad but in order to become an inspirational charismatic leader I will have to develop my communication skills as this is the main strength of most charismatic leaders because it is through communication that charismatic leaders are able to show their motion and are able to motivate their followers and make them give their best to help achieve goals and objectives I have also realize that I need to work on my ability to give negative feedback because as a leader it is important to give feedback to followers, whether it be positive feedback or negative feedback but I know that I am capable to giving good positive feedback but not so good at giving negative feedback. I realize that this is an important aspect of being a leader and I need to work on it.

When it comes to building trust, fostering innovation and valuing others I feel that I m capable of doing all these things all will only get better at it with experience and I have experienced those skills before when working in groups whilst studying for my degree when working in groups it was important to build trust within the group, try come up with innovative ideas, value everyone’s opinions and enabling others to do their work and I tried doing these to the best of my abilities if I was group leader. Charismatic leaders are visionaries who are able to set a vision for their followers and I feel that whilst I have not set visions on a business scale which is considerably argue compared to any vision that I have set I still feel that I have a basic understand on how to set visions for my team and how best to make that vision a reality I can do it in the business context once I get a bit more experience.

Charismatic leaders also love to take risks and shy away from the norm, I too feel that I am similar this, I will find out all the information available but if someone in my team or I come up with an innovative idea on and it is something that has never been done before and if it seems one that will be beneficial to the business I will go ahead with that idea cause I will it is the innovative, different ideas that are the best ones. 6. 0 Developing Capacity a challenge, but now that I understand what my weaknesses are and the areas I need to work on it has been made easier for me. I realize that there are many skills and abilities that I need a lot of work on and I feel that I can develop myself and get to where I want to become as a charismatic leader by exposing myself to new situations, this way I can experience new situation and I can get some experience on how to handle them and I can take those experiences to the work place.

By going out and exploring new things, I will also become more comfortable around others and I will be open to many things as well and develop my own creativity and innovation. I also feel that I will develop my leadership skills once I start working and gain work experience, because all my weaknesses and strengths I can practice on when I have a real Job because these are all skills that I will need to use in the work place. It is crucial that when I work I remember that these are my weaknesses and try and improve on them through practice rather that shying away and thinking what I already am doing I correct. I also feel that once I become employed I will improve on my leadership skills as the organization will provide employees with training, like working in groups.

This will be beneficial because it will help me work on my communications skills and develop my skills on how to work in a group, I also should try and become the group leader to work on my skills of enabling others and enabling innovation. Through working in groups it will be easier to get to know everyone and this will make it easier to give negative feedback, another area of my dervish skills that I need to work on. When I Join an organization and I am assigned to a group, I might not be able to become group leader right away because there might be someone who has more experience and who has worked at the organization for longer that might already be group leader, so I must take that opportunity to try and analyze the strengths of his leadership style and try and learn from him and through that, develop my own leadership skills.

Once I finish my ABA and after I get a few years work experience I will start on my MBA and therefore evolve my knowledge on becoming a better leader, and once I do this I feel that I will have the support of my team as they will see me trying to develop my leadership skills so that I can become the best leader that I can be. 7. 0 Measuring Success It is important to measure how much I have grown as a leader, if at all, when I Join an organization because I can then only realize if I have truly been a good leader and been able to adapt and better myself. In order for me to measure my success it is important for me to reflect on the work that I have done and to be honest with myself hen I reflect on myself. It is through the reflection that I must check whether or not I have been more innovative, how my communication with others have developed and whether or not I have been able to work on the weaknesses listen above.

I feel that I should reflect on my performance as a leader once a year at minimum to see if I truly feel that I have been the best leader that I could be and if not to write down the ways that I have let myself down and work on them in the future and make sure that they Another effective way to measure success is by checking on the results my team has achieved during the time that I was leader, because the more they achieve will indicate that I have been a good leader. I must also check on how good the communication is within the team and how much innovation has taken place to check whether or not I allow these things. I can also get feedback from my team so that I see what they think about me as a leader and if they say that there are places that I can work on I must try and focus on these places so that my team will have more confidence in me and work harder in achieving organizational goals and objectives. 8. 0 Conclusion

In conclusion I would say that I feel becoming a charismatic leader would be the best kind of leader and it would be best suited for me given my current skills and my personality and the face that I want to be creative and innovative I have also analyzed currently where I am in comparison to where I want to be and I can say that I am on the right track, however there are certain skills that I can stand to develop and learn from so that I can become a better leader I can also say that once I do get some work experience I am confident that I will become a good leader and people will get titivated by the leader I am and the example I set. I am also confident that I can create an environment where my followers will be able to express themselves, be creative and innovative. I feel that currently I am a good leader in the making but I need to work hard to become a good leader by developing my current skills and learning new ones, but I feel that in time I will be a good leader and that people will look up to me and work hard to achieve tasks and goals set. I also feel that it is important for me to reflect on my own performances to check whether or not I am being the best leader I can be.

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