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Doomsday Movie Analysis

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
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Doomsday Movie Analysis

Assess the leadership behaviors of both Major Sinclair and Michael Canaries. Which leadership traits described in this chapter appears in their behavior? The leadership traits that appear In Major Eden Sinclair behavior are Intelligence, because as a leader she Is wise In making decisions and has the knowledge in fighting, she Is well- trained and fits to the task given to her which Is to find the medical researcher, Dry.

Kane, who was working on a cure to prevent the reaper virus, so Major Eden Sinclair has the fighting strategy since she was a Special Air Service soldier: the other dervish trait that she has is maturity and breadth, after all what happened to her past when she was just a child, she still has this strong personality, a strong heart. Even though she already lost her mother and couldn’t even remember how her mother looks like, life goes on for her. There’s something ahead of her that she should strive to achieve and she did not depend only to the past.

She didn’t let her emotions weaken her; and lastly, integrity, because high-integrity leaders like her doesn’t blame others and/or take the blame herself, they own the situation and all Its outcomes. Like for example, after all the circumstances they went through, she doesn’t blame them for being weak or not being wise to fight those who are after them. There’s no blaming or fighting wealth their team, they know from their selves that In this task given to them they would have to take risk even their lives, ’cause there’s no backup.

And high-integrity leaders ensure their actions are seen as trustworthy and create a sense of certainty rather than uncertainty. Her team trusts her very well in all the decisions even though it’s a risk-taking decision. She also adopts the Theory Y model because she doesn’t push her team to do a specific task during their search for the cure. She lets them do what they can do for the accomplishment of the task given to them because she knows that she doesn’t even need to demand them, she knows that her team already have this motivational aspect within their selves.

When it comes to Michael Canals, he doesn’t acquire any successful leadership traits but he adopts the Theory X model because he keeps on giving demands to his subordinates. He could even control or misguide Prime Minister John Hatchet who has the higher position than him. All he does Is to direct and control his subordinates and the Prime Minister just to achieve his political ambition. 2. Apply the behavioral model of leadership to Sinclair and Canaries’ behavior. Draw specific examples from the film sequence.

The behavioral model of leadership of Major Eden Sinclair is both a high level of consideration and initiating structure. Consideration is her style or behavior because as we could see from the movie, Major Sinclair has already developed a good relationship with her team; she aspects and gives empathy to their feelings. We could see the closeness already between her as a leader and to them as her team or subordinates. They really get along with each other because they have a good relationship already from the start of their research.

Yet she also uses initiating structure as her style. Since she was assigned to lead the team, she has the authority to Initiate structures, assign tasks, and give orders. Of course as a leader she expects them to follow her Instructions. For example, in the scene where they were ambushed by the army of marauders, if inside of their military truck while they were inside the abandoned hospital because it might be a trap or the girl might have the reaper virus, then they should’ve fought or escaped from the marauders.

Michael Canaries’ behavioral model of leadership has a low level of consideration because he doesn’t mind other’s ideas or suggestions; that’s why his initiating structure is high because all he wants is to keep on demanding and giving orders to his subordinates and even controls Prime Minister John Hatchet’s decision making. And the way he communicates with Major Eden Sinclair is all Just about giving directions or instructions and commanding. What he says should be followed. 3. Analyze this film sequence using the Situational [email protected] Model described in this chapter.

Use Figure 10. 2 as a guide for your analysis. The four leadership styles are telling style, selling style, participating style and delegating style. In the telling style, Major Eden Sinclair provides clear instructions and gives specific instructions regarding the task given to them, which is to find Dry. Kane for the cure to prevent the virus. Next is the selling style, wherein Sinclair helps build confidence and motivation to her team because they do know how very dangerous it is in the quarantine zone.

Next, the participating style, wherein Major Sinclair encourages her team, like for example Calla, to share ideas regarding what she knows about Dry. Kane, the cure for the virus, and even about his brother Sol. And the last leadership style is the delegating style, wherein Sinclair gives them opportunity to be responsible for making and implementing decisions. Major Eden Sinclair is the one who have really shown how a leader should act or behave and what traits should be acquired to be successful in leading your team or subordinates.

From the movie itself, we could see how tough she was or how brave she was to accept the given task to her by Michael Canaries. She didn’t even bother having a second thought of not accepting the task. She knows that through this task, if she would be able to achieve the goal they want, she could help London or those who are in need of the cure. And she also easy to approach with, the team didn’t have any problems with her on how she leads the team. After all what happened, she shed through the limit Just to get what Canaries wants.

One of the traits that I admired the most about her is how wise she is to catch Canaries about what his real plan is with the vaccine they got. And she doesn’t mind what Canaries might do after what she did. Canaries is not a good leader because all he thinks of is only for his own good. From the very first place, he already has a bad plan that is only good for his own. In the movie, he didn’t show any traits at all that you would let you know who he really is, unlike Sinclair, the camera is more focused on her so viewers would know her better as a leader.

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