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Career Focus

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
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Career Focus

I would like for my career focus to be that of Nursing. Deciding on a major was one of my biggest fears. However one day I sat at my school’s library computer and began logical about my decision. I considered my ablest and Interests, thought about my long-term goals and gathered Information about every profession I was Interested. When I came over the nursing career I was able to see myself being a part of It. I mainly decided this as a career because of the availability. Being in the nursing profession has a future because there is always going to be nursing jobs available.

Even though this is the case, becoming a nurse isn’t as easy as it may seem. It involves great planning and detail to reach your goal. It is vital to plan out everything from money to time to skill acquiring, and more. Time Being in my first semester of college, I have a ways to go until I reach my final destination. I plan to become a sophomore by 2015, but in order to do so I may have to take summer classes.. This is because I was placed In two math classes that I won’t get credit for. When I become a sophomore I will be able to start my nursing classes and try to maintain GAP of 3. R higher. While keeping along this path, I see myself graduating In the class of 2018. At this time I would have transferred to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and take my UNCLE (The nation Nursing test used to determine if you get your nursing license or not). After passing the exam I will begin to work at the local hospital and officially begin my career as a nurse. Resources Becoming a nurse is not easy academically but it is also not an easy financial situation, especially for someone like myself.

By the time I have started my career I loudly used countless resources that supported me through college and beyond. One of the most Important resources that I will use is financial aid. This aid will come from two places: the government or private organizations. I will apply each year, on time, for the FAST. There are also thousands of scholarship opportunities I will take advantage of. Another vital resource to reach my goal would be a laptop. This laptop will help me to do research and write papers at my leisure. It may also help me in my job search after I graduate from college.

Having a car is helpful but not vital since I eve on campus here at LSI. However when I transfer to FAME it will become a vital asset to have since Florida is not as transportation ready as SST. Thomas is. Other resources such books, clothes, and other personal items shall be handled by the financial aid I will receive Skills To make It through college successfully I will acquire skills that will benefit my success. Even though all the skills work hand In hand, one of the most Important skills to have Is studying skills. On Being healthy plays a positive role in being successful.

When you feel healthy you eel more willing to do things like wake up on time to get to class, participate more in school on a whole, and being involved in different thing that surround you. The nursing career involves a great deal of moving and being on your feet which requires you to be in shape. I plan to get in shape by eating healthy and drinking lots of water and cutting out soda. Exercise can help me lose weight but can also help me to become more active. I will set up a schedule to go to the gym at least 4 times a week and increase the visits when I get adjusted to working my body.

By the time I graduate I will be ready to take on any physical task given to me in the hospital whether its doing rounds or running back and forth in the emergency room. Money The most efficient way to get money to fund your education is by looking into scholarships and grants. My plan is to use whatever monies is available to me as a college student to the best of my ability. Being in different organizations on campus or even in the community can set me up with scholarship opportunities that will benefit me in the long run.

I also plan to get a Job at the local hospital in my phoneme year when I begin my nursing classes. This Job will help add financial stability to my savings account for school and to give me that extra support when I decide to move away to Florida. Money isn’t entirely about what is spent or gained but also about how you budget what is spent and gain. By making a financial plan, I would be able to see where my money is going, where it is coming from and if I need to change some of my habits. My plan will include at first the entire year then will branch off into the different months, then if necessary, week by week.

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