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Tutorial Questions Week

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 6, 2017
Words: 338
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Tutorial Questions Week

Is Intended to prevent solicitation for purposes of prostitution In streets and other public places. Section 2 provides: It shall be an offence for a prostitute to loiter or solicit in a street or public place for the purposes of prostitution. Carla, a prostitute, was charged under this section. It was established that from inside a house she had solicited men passing in the street by tapping on the windowpane to attract their attention and then either directly or by signs invited them into the house.

Could Carla be convicted? 3 Assume that the NEWS parliament wants to probably under-age gambling. To this extent it introduces an Act which states: “any person under the age of eighteen years who is found in the vicinity of a betting shop shall be prosecuted and liable to a maximum fine of $500. ” Ian is 15 years old and decides to place a bet in a betting shop. He walks in, places a bet and begins to walk out when he is stopped by a police officer. He is questioned and told that he will be charged under the Act.

Two weeks later, Ian receives a summons to a Local Court for an offence against the Act. In his defense, Nan’s counsel argues that the he is not guilty of the offence, because when e was apprehended, he was “in” the betting shop, whilst the Act prohibits underage persons being in the “vicinity”. Advice Ian on how the court might ‘Early In 1994, Australia participated In an International conference which drew up the Convention on Hijacking. The Convention created offences relating to the national and international hijacking of aircraft.

The following is an extract from Questions understand that legislation will shortly be introduced in the Parliament to give effect to the Convention on Hijacking, which Australia has recently ratified. Will the escalation apply to aircraft hijackers presently at large in this country, who cannot be proceeded against under any existing law?

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