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Sexual Violence and Assaults in College Campuses

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Type of paper: LawSecuritySociety
Words: 955
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Sexual Violence and Assaults in College Campuses

As the night went on, Eileen had been given a number of shots, drinks, and beers from her friend. At the end of the night her friend decided to walk her back home and take her to her dorm room. From what she remembers, this was the most traumatic night of Linen’s life. B. Relevance: As first year college students, we are faced with the unfortunate chance of being sexually assaulted and we need to be Informed of the subject.

C. Credibility: Being a student myself, I could not imagine anything happening to my friends or even me. D. Thesis: It is important for college students to understand what sexual violence is, how we can avoid it, and where we can go for help if it happens to us. E. Preview: I will talk about the correct definition of rape and its punishments, what to look out for, the life- long effects It has, and places to go for help. II. Body A. First we will discuss what is considered rape and what the punishments for committing the crime are. 1.

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network founded in 1994 by Scott Borrowing, a criminal sexual assault in Illinois can be considered 2 different things. Rape is when someone has sex by use of force or threat of force. It’s also considered rape when the offender knows that the victim Is unable to understand the nature of the act or Is unable to give knowing consent. In other words, the victim is unable to give consent, and in most cases, is intoxicated. No matter what, if intoxicated at all, you are unable to give full consent to sex and it is therefore considered an assault. . According to the Illinois Criminal Code, a first conviction criminal sexual assault is considered a class 1 felony and anytime after that, It Is considered a class X. What this means is that with one charge, you could Transition: Now that we have a clear definition of what rape is, we can discuss the signs of rape and what to look out for to stay safe. B. Rape is the most common violent crime on American college campuses. 1. According to a 2007 study titled “The Campus Sexual Assault Study’, led by the US Department of Justice member, Christopher P.

Krebs, 1 in 4 college women, as well as 3% of college men, will be the victims of sexual assaults during their academic career. Imagine coming to SIS and living in a suite with 3 other girls. Where, one of o has the potential to be sexually assaulted. 2. It has been highly taught in schools on how to reduce your risks of being sexually assaulted. A couple things you could do are stick with your friends if you are going to a party or even walking around at night. Do not leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers.

Keep your cellophane on you at all times in case an emergency like this does happen. Transition: We know how important it is to protect ourselves from sexual assaults, but now we will talk about how important it is to know what to do or where to go in case n unfortunate event like this happens. C. Rape is an extremely traumatic event and there are a number of effects it can have on victims. 1 . According to Marks Harrying, former actress and founder of The Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004, there are many short and long-term effects of sexual assault and rape.

Some common mental effects include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and dissociation, where the victim is mentally checked out. In addition to these come emotional effects such as anger, helplessness, vulnerability, and self-blame. Some of these effects can be more intense depending on the person ND the severity of the situation, but they all have one thing in common and that’s that they take time to heal. 2. Here at SIS we have some resources you could go to talk to someone and get help if you or someone you know has been raped or assaulted.

All reports of sexual assaults should first and foremost be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Ethics and Access for investigation. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services Coordinator is located in Student Counseling Services and is available to provide support, assessment, referral and information on additional resources. There are a variety of Student Health Care services available for physical effects as well as Student Counseling services for emotional or mental effects.

Transition: Sexual Assaults are no Joking matter and have long-lasting effects on victims. A. Thesis/Summary: I hope we can now fully understand what rape is and the life- long effects it has on its victims. We need to be fully aware of our surroundings and stay safe. It is important for college students to understand what sexual violence is, how we can avoid it, and where we can go for help if it happens to us. B. Memorable Close: Remember Eileen from before? The one who spent her night with her “friend”?

Upon returning to her room, her friend started making sexual advances towards her. After multiple attempts of protests, he started to use force. Kissing, groping, and eventually raping her for hours as Eileen came in and out of consciousness. After this night Eileen suffered from years of depression and has had issues with trust since then. No one deserves to be put through such traumatic events and I hope we can all benefit from this information and proceed with caution.

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