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Marijuana Decriminialized

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
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Marijuana Decriminialized

The fact that police here In B. C. Usually Just crush or confiscate your marijuana shows that the law Is not well enforced. In most cases you are let go, so the message that puts In the heads of teens and adults here, Is that having marijuana Is not that big of a deal. It us understandable that there police are trying to catch bigger fish rather than dealing with the smaller ones, but that does not mean some people should be let go and others punished for the same reason. That is simply just unfair.

If they really want to take this problem off the streets each person should be equally punished. **There should be a set of rules and regulations about the amount of deed a person is allowed to have on them and should only be distributed through business or hospitals. A suggested amount could be a gram or ten dollars worth, which would vary depending on if the weed was either prescribed by a doctor or bought at a convenience store. (If it were to be legalized It would and should be sold like tobacco. ** Another suggestion could be to have a chart or graph that explains what amount Is punishable and with what consequences. If It is for personal use, for example a dime (2 Joints), the person should have their Information taken down and et go. This may be a harmless bag of weed that was meant to be recreational smoked, OR the last of the ounce they had for distributing. On the other hand if someone is caught with an eighth (6-8 joints) it should be confiscated along with information taken and perhaps have them taken to the station and held for further investigation.

It would be smart to have records of people in cases like this so obviously repeat offenders could be dealt with accordingly. I realize it is more complicated than this as there are so many variables, I do not think the rules we have et now are very effective in reducing the flow of illegal marijuana. Smoking weed will dramatically reduce crime and criminal activity as most of the people driving around selling drugs are not selling crack or cocaine, they are selling weed to make a quick buck, thinking Its safer and less harmful to society than hard drugs.

These sales will probably not stop once weed Is legalized, so it may be a good idea to keep personal distribution illegal and only allow as people will refer to more institutionalized products rather than people on the street. **Having people go to a 7 eleven for a Joint, like cigarettes, makes more sense Han on the streets where it is dangerous and not guaranteed to be legit. ** A smaller number of teens will encounter criminals and dealers trying to get a small amount of weed; these encounters only encourage and support more affiliations with criminals and gangs.

Another up side would be that there would be much less activity and tension between drug dealers. There would be no people dealing with large amounts of cash in exchange for an amount of weed. (7) tends to erupt during these exchanges; these people don’t care whether it is in the middle of the street or inside public or private building. Noon English, 2003)** When a person under strain is given a chance to pocket a large amount of money along with keeping their product with a simple pull of a trigger, they tend to take it.

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