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Legal Terms

Assault: an attempt or threat to do bodily harm to someone that is against the law like not giving a person their required medication or placing a patient in restraints without legal right to 2. Battery: Touching a person without their consent, Like If a doctor does a physical on someone without written consent 3. Breach of Confidentiality: Is when you release someone else’s Information to someone who Is not authorized to have It or without the patients permission 4. Harm or wrongdoing 5. Burden of Proof: responsibility to prove

Defendant: The person who is being sued or who needs to defend themselves in court 6. Contempt of court: not obeying court orders, which is punishable by fine or Jail time. 7. Organizations required to follow HAIFA laws 8. Covered entities: private or public Deposition: part of discovery where both sides of the case can get sworn statements from witnesses, find out if the witness is credible, and see where the other side of the case is weak so they can use those weaknesses to win the case. 9. Discovery: a legal process where lawyers obtain all of the information pertaining to a case Including witness lists, etc. O that he other side can prepare for court. 10. Age of 18 who Is declared legally an adult. 11. Information 12. Emancipated Minor: a person under the Privileged communication: private Rest gestate: means thing done or that court.