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Intramurals Cheer Dance Competition

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
Words: 358
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Intramurals Cheer Dance Competition

Six participating units namely, the Green Hornets, Yellow Lions, Red Tigers, Blue Eagles, Orange Dragons and Violet Whales, with 20 to 30 members competed for the crown and showcased amazing dance routines and stunts which really surprised the crowd and get fired up. Freshmen performers representing the Green Hornets set off the grounds and started the competition with such amusement and pleasure. The stunning Violet

Whales immediately followed with the style of their own and artistically showed their flair to the crowd. The growling Red Tigers then gone wild with their routine and cheering power to light up the crowd even more. Meanwhile, bold make-ups and all- out energy paid off for the Orange Dragons as they were able to give a knock-out presentation. Performing for their final year, the fighting Blue Eagles continued to surprise the crowd with stunts of their own and proved that their last performance In City High will be the most memorable one.

Rounding up the competition was the Yellow Lions with cheers from the start and went 2012 with their Kananga-style move, showing the crowd that they deserved to be crowned as champions. Rounds of applause were In the alarm as the crowd appreciated the hard work and determination of the contending units. Results were then tabulated right after the event and everyone was curious on who will bring home the bacon. Few minutes later, Mr.. Samuel Repellent, host of the said competition, stepped Into the podium and announced the crucial decisions of the board of Judges.

The crowd went yelling and roaring as the Red Tigers were crowned as champions. Orange Dragons bagged the 1st runners up chased by the Blue Eagles named as the 2nd runners up. Yellow Lions then proclaimed as 3rd runners up followed by the Green Hornets and the Violet Whales. Composing the Board of Judges were and In which their decision was final and Irrevocable. In the end, everybody went home with smiling faces and left the event area as If It Is the best performance they’ve ever watched In their entire life.

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