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Catastrophic Cyber Attack

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
Words: 588
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Catastrophic Cyber Attack

The capabilities of communication have been up fitting and information has been increased to a higher rate due to the internet source. With this all the positive capabilities there is negative as well. Many malicious software and pop ups which include viruses are capable in harming your internet software. The potential of cyber terrorism has increased and many more business are very dependent now of the internet. Terrorist activities that are intended to damage or send any viral messages to computer system is called Cyber Terrorism.

It is often acted in order to damage the government information system and political mastication can be sent out. A cybernetics Is consider always to come from a cyber terrorism and It always manages to target to destroy or ruined any Information and Illegal Information can be acquired from It. Cybernetics’s are also often used to interrupted and Incapacitating critical systems which depend on transportation, health, finances, telecommunications, and various things. The health systems such as hospitals are changed significantly in the manner in which patient data is suppose to be secured and stored.

Many of the changes are not even outdated. For instance, n the United States Air Force, a certain amount of patient information has been transferred to the computer systems before they were files. The data ranges from things like medical visits, prescriptions, appointments, etc. Paper records are still left by a lot of organizations an extent by many of the information’s electronic data. Keeping this in mind, health systems need to make sure that the records are being safe guarded bay very high level security ecosystem their own well being. Any data that Is stored In In health systems Is more commonly to get cybernetics’s.

Many of hose who volt heath care professionals, the data they provide to these health professionals is confidential in nature. This is not only the reason for visits but, also the patients personal information is taken over the phone as well, address, social security numbers etc. This information that is provided must stay in a safe private and secure place. If this data is not kept secure many of capabilities of hospital information becomes vulnerable to the cyber attacks and can be used for hackers In many ways to exploit the individuals information and use it in a terrorist way.

We are all aware the internet is widespread and connectivity allows many health systems and hospitals to become reliant with various other places like insurance companies and financial Institutions. If these systems attacked at a health system then It Is possible for all the Interacting data to be vulnerable such as banking data. If this Information becomes compromised then people can have their bank accounts hacked and money drained and of course one mall focus Is stolen Identity.

One of the greatest potential situations that can occur while have subdirectories could en ere difficult to execute but, patients all medical records dating from the time they were born can be eliminated. This not only would be lost records but can impact patients health because there would no longer know how long their immunization or other treatments were. This for instance a patient was not sure the last time they had a certain immunization and they had to go through the process all over again and it can negatively affected if they received the shot more than once too soon.

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