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Assignment IM In TM Muhamad Taufik Amin

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
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Assignment IM In TM Muhamad Taufik Amin

What is the time now is when an organization is small or large requires a form of information concerning the operation of the company in a very short time , the Information obtained for use In a short time It also allows Its use In the future , this Is where there is interest on comprehensive information management , information is also available for use not only will continue to use it to go through some process add it its use is at the maximum level.

Before the era of technology without limits as now human societies recognize the importance of the information, and then only when there is awareness of management on the information available at present. Each order process is used to manage information must be correct and in accordance with standards to achieve the accuracy of the Information according to the objectives of an organization or project to be Implemented. Not being able to manage Information allows a project to be implemented such failure information is not in a correct sequence of processes. OF 7 n an organization, in addition, management information is also used by private individuals either in unnoticed by the user of such information or otherwise. Management on the information that was actually available in each individual instance, on the use of social sites that are known at the present time of faceable. Faceable indirectly enable information to be shared by users to other users located in coordinated and can be updated. Consumers often make Faceable as Page 2 of 10 a medium to share information inadvertently, they also have to manage the information in the layout of the activities available on Faceable.

Information Management in Malaysia’s Industry The rapid development of information technology today plays a role to force society to accept and acknowledging the management of information is an important entity to accelerate the process sensitivity upon information. Civic awareness is required in order to drive forward a competitive industry with healthy competition. The National Archives is one of the backbone of a nation. Functionality that is related to information and records made of the importance of information management to the country. Industry-industry in Malaysia emphasizes information management nationality in every detail of the products, whether global or private nature. The purpose of the National Archive was founded to save, preserve, electronic data or records in the public sector can be organized in a form of information. The information obtained is used efficiently by industries in Malaysia as we can see the rapid development in Malaysia in various sectors. Communication industry in Malaysia is one of the largest contribution in Malaysia proliferation economies. Communication is among the elements associated with the management of information.

The rapid development of communication industry help even more information can be obtained more quickly and effectively. The activities that occur in information management is also much supported by the sharing of information that occurs when formal communication occur between individuals or large organization, whether in digital or analog. Communications industry in Malaysia is dominated by one of the largest CLC known as Telecoms Malaysia Bertha. Page 3 of 10 Telecoms Malaysia Bertha Telecoms Malaysia Bertha (TM), is the largest communications company in Malaysia, a leader in the field of telecommunication and information.

The emphasis on service is satisfied with the services provided by this group. The development of innovative products helped the group to become a leader in broadband service provider in Malaysia nowadays. It can be proven with numerous awards for excellence, which was won every year by this group. TM has nearly 27,000 staff including executive staff and non-executive directors, by the importance of providing efficient, the efficiency of the staff at TM is always been key elements incorporated into every task that has been entrusted.

Besides the staff efficiency, competitive products such as broadband was upgraded to a higher level, such as known today’s as a UNIFY, in line with the emends of communications and information technology use on a daily basis at the maximum level, with the help of global network connectivity is dominated by the telecommunications giant this will be the largest to convince customers to use the services offered on the use of either an individual or large companies making TM in the best position to put Malaysia a regional internet hub and digital gateway for South East Asia international.

To speed up the process of access to digital information, TM has introduced a high- capacity broadband, Unify. By using a network based on fiber optic cables data and information can be accessed and achieved more fastest while maintaining the original products based on copper cable network. With the introduction that was almost 3 years and the number of users exceeds 500,000 making TM possible to achieve the vision and mission set and also proves the importance of the use of communication in Malaysia are needed to help with the access to the information.

Page 4 of 10 Like other large companies that distribute the work in each department to match the expertise available at all staff in at the same time making their way towards implementing the mission and vision set by the company. In the work management of TM it has been divided into several departments or units all over the Malaysia in order to facilitate the work process run more effectively by expertise in their division, which is known as the Line Of Bushiness (LOB).

LOB is divided into four parts, Consumer TM, TM SEEM, TM, Government, TM Enterprise. Business functionality too divided into 4 parts, each of which is also the main function of this is divided into other parts of the company, SCM, Marketing Operations, IT & NT, HUSH. IT & NT is the core function to drive the operation on Information Technology. Overall operating TINT supported by the unit fractions such as NO, ND, IT and R & D.

NO is also known as Network Maintenance Operations (MONO), which was in charge of ensuring that all processes related to basic network and Maintenance on the network. Meanwhile the ND have been given with the responsibility to make sure the setup on the network throughout the Malaysian always be supplied in accordance to the needed specifications. Like other large companies TM also have Research&Development unit itself, in term of responsible for reviewing a product, systems used in order to ensure that innovative products can be produced in TM in today.

One large form of information can be seen in TM with the great functions that have been applied in TM from every level of work. With appointed a professional officer in each unit and functions, this profession have a lot of responsibility in providing a systematic arrangement of all the management information and data within TM. Each unit is supplied with the knowledge people to enable information to be accessed and shared in turn be implemented in each work process.

Page 5 of 10 Information Professional in SF Information Professional Profession is very necessary in every unit and organization. In this profession tm is not devoted to the maintenance supervisor ratings sake only, every staff accountable to attenuate information that this profession is also well recognized by the profession MS, multiplies. MS in TM was exposed in knowledge in every kind of work that is in TM corresponds to the status of special education that exist in every staff.

A small example can be defined here is related to the Information Management information management system practiced small scale in one unit , known by the name of Fulfillment Service Management ( SF) . SF is the unit that manages data ND information relating to the installation of the daily orders , the unit is available in every state in Malaysia . For SF in Slang Valley , also called SF Central unit manages data covering the Slang Valley area only.

With the relocation of 45 staff SF entrusted with the responsibility of managing the order for each district or zone set , each zone is placed with a staff to manage the data order in the area, nearly 700 orders per day with a ratio of 1 staff 31 orders in each zone . Every day the order is received to go through some process involving a number of other units involved with he same objective of ensuring that the data received is available for delivery to the end of unit which is SF while SF delivered it to the installer .

All staff have been implemented with the knowledge to manage each order that requires staff skilled in the use of database systems , Microsoft Office and File Sharing technology . Each order received data will be gathered at the end in a report form to be placed on the server that is sharing created based on TCP / IP which will then be analyzed in the form of charts by Supervisor placed on each of group region.

Communication in SF is one of the ways in which information is handled, with the apply of PBS phone and Email. Usually the information related to the daily assembly order is obtained from a systems that has been prepared by the management. PBS provided in SF aims to facilitate the contractor in order to convenient the staff if they experiencing any problems regarding to the installation Page 6 of 10 being carried out or sometimes there are contractors that unavailable to reach the information of customers attended.

A profession in the upper levels of management operations known as the supervisor, works to ensure that each operation under the supervision of them work as it should. Each supervisor must not only be knowledgeable in managing daily work operations only, but apart from that, the Supervisor also manage the general data of each employee, such as Annual Leave etc, attendance, overtime. Supervisor are also need to disseminate any new information received from upper management to the stuff under their supervision , whether in formal or informal .

An attendance reports and also Annual Leave in SF load in an application that has been provided by the company , as an alternative a report in excel has been developed to manage information attendance daily and monthly basis whereupon the annual report is add every day by Supervisor to which will then be stored in sharing server that was developed by one of the skilled staff . Moreover , this idea also has implemented on every order of management data in SF .

This initiative is to facilitate access to the latest information or earlier as the information that may be needed in the future or to improve their decision-making on the daily operations of the unit . In SF Email is used to communicate within units in TM for the sharing of information related to the order if need help from other units. In large-scale TM mail management application software supported by Microsoft exchange 2010 with more than 50 servers which are divided by the unit.

In addition to the purpose of information sharing assembly order also, there are some staff who take the initiative to use private facilities such as mobile phones. Page 7 of 10 Challenges of Information Management in SF When the construction of projection processes involving management, there are also appeared some problems or issues related to information management.

Information received, collected and stored too much possibly to the information overload, in SF there are some staff who are confused to access the information, it occurs when each report is stored there is already more than 5 years, making the information to be searched by staff may be buried along with other information. Also there are some reports have minimized the access only to the person concerned, besides some virus infected server causing staff tend to not access the server and consequently the wealth of information you want is not accessible.

Use server allows sharing of data storage can be labeled as a lack of technology. In the era of global technology a variety of methods and technologies have been introduced to take advantage of such information storage take online database as a example. The standards used in SF for data storage remains the same due to lack of information and knowledge related to technology, a number of staff who are skilled in it can not implement the skills that are relevant due to the lack of resources and the freedom to innovate in a work environment.

In addition, the appreciation of the higher-ups at all rare, each contributing new ideas from staff subordinates often disputed daily work on the same concept in SF, attitudes do not want to know the exult in the ability to develop or create a new work process is impeded. Competition between staff to want to be someone who is knowledgeable in the work process does not occur in the SF, because their only focus on the existing process and do not want to change development processes that may be more idealistic than what was available.

Sharing knowledge is considered to be a burden to encourage senior staff to surplus staff who are poorly informed about the work, with the view of all the information about the work process can be obtained from dumping print Job streams stored in the server. Page 8 of 10 Conclusion Management information be organized on a large as TM explains the interest in every industry in the country.

Magnitude dimension is not a measurement to produce an information management system that is productive for the company and the existing units in an organization. The practice to the management in SF being the priority for SF considering SF is one of the operating units based on records management and data other than direct interaction with a third party to deliver information. It is without doubt their skills in using computer systems and applications should be available at all staff to complete daily operations in SF.

Therefore it can be concluded here information management is not something new individual, the only distinction is the measurement of information and how information is managed by each individual or organization.

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