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Innovation mgt presentation

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Innovation mgt presentation

Although Google+ has certain interfaces and features over Backbone, like video sharing and enhanced user security through enabling users to organize their contacts into groups, It still does not have a competitive edge because people not only use Backbone for Its features but because their friends use It. Also, their search filters are better egg. It shows how you are connected to others and makes searching for those you may know and might want to add easier. However, few analysts say that the rate and speed with which Google+ is growing, it will be able to take over Backbone by 2016 (1).

Marcus Tiber, the owner of the search analytics company, characteristics, bases this on the fact that he % growth of Google+ during January 2012 and April 2013 was significantly larger than Backbone. (Graph below) (2) He also took into consideration new services like Google glasses and the compulsory creation of Google+ accounts when users want to activate their android systems on their smartness. This strategy pushes the consumers towards using the technology.

Bearing in mind that Android Operating system already had more than 900 million followers as of 2013, this number has only but increased and will continue to Increasing forcing more users towards Google* However many have Google* had 190 million as of 2013. This is further confirmed by Google* users average 11 minute usage of the site compared to Passbooks 400 minute usage. Again, although many people are pushed towards signing for Google+, they don’t necessarily use it. In my opinion, it will be very difficult to overtake what some call the ultimate social networking site’ Google, being a huge corporation can undertake some measures.

Firstly, Google on the whole Is much bigger than Backbone, therefore it gives it benefit to use this size in its favor. It has more capital resources and marketing tools. As can be seen in the case study, the reason for downfall of many previous social networking sites was privacy issues, which also trouble many Backbone users. Google+ has better privacy than Backbone and if it can continue to do this, it may be able to pull privacy sensitive users towards it. It should also maintain to keep the site ad-free, which Is again a major Issue for users of other networking sites.

Google* also has the support of other Google products and If Google restricts TTS video sharing from Youth, to just its own networking site, many people might move towards it. Google+ can come up with its own mobile app like Backbone to make it easier to use on phones. Lastly, it should strive to me more innovative to set it apart from Backbone and maybe have features like converting speech to text where Just saying the status would update It automatically and be more creative etc. In-2016-analysts-say-no-way/ 2) http://blob. characteristics. Com/us/2013/06/20/social- media-growth-forecast-Google-to-overtake-backbone/

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