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In our examination of neuroscience, we’ve traced the ways in which biological structures and functions of the body affect behavior. Starting with neurons, we considered each of the components of the nervous system, culminating in an examination of how the brain permits us to think, reason, speak, recall, and experience emotions?the hallmarks of being human. 1 . Before proceeding, turn back for a moment to the chapter prologue about Bob Woodruff remarkable recovery from a severe brain injury.

Consider the following questions. What region of the brain would you expect to be least likely to have been injured in a case such as Bob Woodruff, where the Injured person survives and recovers? 2. If you were Bob Woodruff physician, how would you explain to his family the potential for him to recover from an Injury such as the one he suffered? 3. Why do you think Bob Woodruff was able to resume his career as a Journalist, but is not yet ready to be a news anchor again? 4. What special challenges might Bob Woodruff be faced with If the shrapnel had imaged his hippopotamus?