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Summary For Decision About Death

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 8, 2018
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Summary For Decision About Death

The achieve case brought up ethical questions about euthanasia a, Peter Singer started his discussion by suggesting religious Ideas are what separates man a ND animal, therefore religious people tend to have strong disagreement towards euthanasia, ho ever, he later claims if one forgets these religious ideas, it is hard to separate mentally disable d patients from animals.

He brought up hedonistic utilitarianism to explain that ending a life in some situations might be beneficial or morally Justifiable if a person’s future will have more negative than positive. ATT But who can decide one’s future? Singer answered this question by claims that individuals are the best Judge of whether or not they should die unless they are Inca palpable of making such decisions. Later, Singer states that he will not address euthanasia when people can’t make a choice, but proceeds to discuss even “pro lifers” agree to pull the plugs occasionally.

He strengthened his argument by claiming if one’s future will have more negative than p costive, a person of a sound mind should be able to decide whether or not to die. Also, he meet toned that some may argue that the legalization of euthanasia will put vulnerable patients in a b ad situation because their health care company might be corrupted. And Singer rejects the argue meet by acknowledged that there has been studies about places where euthanasia has been I equalized and have not indicated that laws has been abused.

He continues by stating there is also n o evidence suggests that people who want to take assisted suicide increasing in Netherlands, so t he doubt goes away, and ATT when studies compares Netherlands to other places where Ethan Asia is illegal, there is no instance of it been harmful to vulnerable patients. Singer later rag uses that only by legalized assisted suicide will one discover the impact of it, and it is the right thing o do considering the fundamental right of individual liberty.

And he finished his argument by claiming that assisted suicide is legalized in many other countries, and U. S. Should el Galilee it both for the sake of individual liberty and for the reducing of sufferings, after all no o en knows the effect of assisted suicide until it has been legalized. Works Cited Singer, Peter. “Decisions about Death. ” Free Inquiry (2005): n. Page. Utilitarian Philosophy her. Pablo Staffing. Web. 20 Novo. 2014.

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