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Should same sex marriage be legalized in hk?

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Should same sex marriage be legalized in hk?

The essay argues that homosexual marriage is not legal In rotational culture and economic aspect. A focus will be placed on the normal family and same sex family structure and the economic result of homosexual marriage. Traditional culture is against the homosexual marriage. Marriage is about a male to a female or a male to females in the point of traditional view ( To, 201 3 ). This system is the best for human to produce offspring and the male will protect their wife and offspring in the old society. For example, marriage system In old China is polygamist, they only accept the marriage of male and female.

Same sex marriage would break he traditional family structure that the children will have two fathers or two mothers ( SQL &Paul L & Volcano, 2013 There are some point of views that the same sex marriage can be legalized, The fathers and mothers can take care the children carefully as well as traditional marriage. The homosexual couples can adopt orphans as their parents and then the spent of government on the area of social affairs also can be decreased. It is donor dad or foster mother in modern city, human can have their offspring. Ho &Jiang, 201 3 ) However, the children from same sex marriage family will be teasing that they are from the homosexual marriage family. They receive discrimination in their living such as school life. Those children are easy to get childhood shadows. They have to face the stress form the society, it is impossible that a little children can handle it. In addition, there are many foster mothers want to raise their son after their son was born. The same sex marriage parents will dispute custody of the child to the foster mothers. The foster mothers won the custody mostly. Tanana, 2011 ) Same sex marriage lowers Hong Gong’s labor force. In science area, a same sex their own deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA ). Language & Host ( 2009 ) stated that permitting same-sex marriage will increase the incidence of divorce and abortion, and actually reduce the rate of “traditional” marriages that occur” ( P. 295 ). Therefore, same sex marriage lowers the populations in Hong Kong since the rate of “traditional” marriage must be reduced. With this reason, the local labor force will become smaller in a period of time.

In economics area, it claims that a falling rate of labor force may directly affect the productivity since the labor force is one of the factors affecting the the productivity. Moreover, Hong Gong’s economy will be affected with the falling rate of labor force in Hong Kong. Therefore, same sex marriage should not be legalized because of the economic factor. The problems of falling rate in labor force can be solved by adoption. Homosexual couples can have offspring through adoption, but the proportion of same-sex couples raising children has begun to decline in United States.

Arena and Gate ( 2012 ) claim that in Census Bureau data of 2000, more than 17% of same-sex couples were raising children. That proportion peaked at 19% in 2006 and has declined to 16% in 2009. At showed that the rate of adoption by homosexual couples is falling, less of them are prefer to adopt children Han before. Therefore, the adoption by same sex couples are not a effective solution to prevent lack of labor force. Somebody argued that the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme ( SMASH ) was a solution about the falling fugues of population.

As the immigration department of Hong Kong ( 2006 ) states it seeks to attract highly skilled or talented persons who are fresh entrants not having the right to enter and remain in Hong Kong to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Gong’s economic competitiveness in the global market. Through this scheme, it may help the economy but it do raise another impacts which may instabilities the society, such as the quality migrant may enhance the cultural difference. To sum up, same sex marriage has destroyed the traditional system of marriage.

This cannot be solved by adopting children, in addition, homosexual parents may lead the negative impacts to their adopted child and may affect their childhood. Furthermore, labor force will be lowered if same sex marriage be legalized since the amount of offspring are lowered cause the rate of traditional marriages decreased. With less amount of labor force in the society, the productivity may also decreased. Consequently, same sex marriage should not be legalized in Hong Kong. References Beriberi, G. , & Hancock, R. (2013).

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