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Prevalence of racism

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 277
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Prevalence of racism

Prevalence of racism Racism may be even more prevalent today than it was a century ago; however, racism today is pretending to be over. Obviously racism in the public eye is still present. When asked from a Non-white how the racism goes forward, most of them will complain about their life. Non-white tends to have achieved lower levels of education then whites, earn lower salaries then whites and lead less healthy lives then whites. On the other hand, if same question asked from the whites, probably they wont accept this much existence of racism.

These blaming on the society would explain that racism exist or at least believe of racism exist. By my experience, I believe racism still can be seen. I’m from Iran. In my country racism mostly can be seen beyond the highest level of the people in treat to the lower level. For instance, I have educated friend who has master degree. He was interviewing the guy for the Job position In his firm. The applicant guy had high education degree as well.

I expected to hire him, but he denied his application and I was shocked, because every thing seems good about the guy. My friend told me the only reason he denied him was only he didn’t like to hire the black guy in his firm. I was disappointed by his act and we argued. I believe our society would not progress unless we leave our prejudice about each other and live in peace next to each other without thinking about our color, religious, language and so many other discriminations.

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