Glory Movie Essay

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Glory Movie

In the film Glory the black people were treated badly, one examples is when they finally Join the army and they start training. A couple of days later they find out that t hey need shoes, because there feet were bleeding from the training and not having the RL get equipment, and at the beginning the army said that they were short on supplies but was all a Ill they did not wanted to give shoes to the black troops.

Another example Is ring training the officers would treat them bad In general almost Like animals, became use of their color, the black soldiers had to work harder. Another example is when the AR my promise them that they were going to get paid $13 a month, but just because they we black troops they ended up getting only $10 a month. Lastly, when the black troops were ready for war, the White Union soldiers did not want the black troops to fight fit hey were caught wearing the uniform they were going to die.

I think that the war was worth fighting for because it gave black people the opportunity to join the army and fight for freedom. Even though they face a lot of obstacles such as getting paid lower than white troops and not getting the respect FRR them. The black troops showed them that they are human being like anybody else an d they are willing to do everything to earn their freedom. In conclusion the 54th Massachusetts played a key role in bringing about an end to slavery.