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Documented Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Words: 1403
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Documented Essay

Is meant to take us beyond out tribal Identity Into a domain of awareness that Is universal given by a co-worker Brittany Evans. A person’s Identity Is formed and influenced by man factors in life. Obstacles are everywhere with in families and one self that determined their outcome. Racial diversity; abuses; lack of achievements; and poverty affects how someone identities themselves. These functions are just a few types that can affect ones identity. The role of identity is played by each individual’s lifestyles based on self-decisions.

Diversity dealing with race affects a person’s Identity when dealing with their family or In a group of friends that you associate yourself with. Living with a guardian who doesn’t possess the same racial asset affects how a person looks at themselves. I have a grandmother who is South African and fair skinned, where I was African American and dark skinned. If we were out in public I would have strangers who would take second glances at us. These situations would make me feel uncomfortable. In The Color of Water the McBride family experienced this struggle.

Their parents were of mixed race, The matter was not accepted by Rut’s parents hen she married a black man (2). James McBride would avoid being seen in public with his mother in fear of embarrassment because she was white. People determine their identity in the ways we are seen by others. Feeling uncomfortable in society by peers distinguishes how people are with their friends and family. Race among peers determine how a person chooses to fit in society. I choose the people I want to surround myself with based on the way I’d Like to be seen.

If I were to walk with a group of black people there would be less chance of myself being Judged. In The Color of Water James states that he didn’t want to have children with his college sweetheart because he felt he didn’t want a child of his to grow up like himself (264). People sometimes choose a path to be seen that affects future generations. A Second example is how physical and mental abuse would affect a person’s future and what kind of person they will grow Into. An abusive percent would cause damage to a child’s self-confidence and ability to function In society normally.

In my uncles household Eve seen times where my cousins were so timid and petrified, because at their father. He would aggressively lay his hands upon them for reason like no finishing their school work properly or shutting a door. Any fast movement would usually startle them and cause them to tense up. In chapter five of The Color of Water, Ruth was assaulted by her father on several occasions (112). No one ever did anything about this. No one Likes to talk about being abused. Actions In life and how they perceive things are Impacted on actions of abuse. Verbal abuse causes a person to wonder if they will ever be good enough.

My uncle belittles his kids on a daily basis, nothing they did was ever up to his standards. My cousins were always looking down on themselves and scared they were going to do something wrong. In the Lovingly article the Loving family were involved in a case of abusive power. Being singled out and removed from their home on the county of Caroline. Their marriage was not sanctioned In Valhalla. In the seventh paragraph Judge Lean Facile, banished Experiences with abuse puts a person down. There is Self-doubt when a person is always being driven down because someone doesn’t have the same views or ideas.

Thirdly Substance abuse can affect a house holds ability to function properly with parent’s inability to physically and mentally run a household. In chapter fourteen of The Color of Water, James was a marijuana smoker (144). James would at times find himself inebriated on a street corner for hours on end with no desire to accomplish anything. The common occurrence with marijuana consumption is that it effects a person’s ability to function in a manner that of; if they were not under the influence. The affects done mentally by the use of marijuana causes a person to not be fully aware of their surroundings.

I have been in a home where there have been parents who use drugs and are not able to boil water. The ability to process thoughts was not in existence. The house was complete chaos. The Color of Water, James McBride was a candidate for drug abuse. Any learning process is halted when a person is under the influence of narcotics. The effects of marijuana causes a person to not think logically and in a manner that could affect something vital in their life. Achievements can be lacked in areas such as in the work force and in school. In the work environment a person’s personal problems would affect their achievement goals.

I have employees who tend to bring tall aspects of their personal life into the Job environment. This causes things to be missed and makes for bad business. In The Color of Water, James had a phase where he dropped everything. He was a talented writer who could almost get a Job nearly anywhere. His drive to find out who he was as a person in culture prevented him from excelling in his career. Every Job that he obtained was abandoned as a result (266). When other forces of life take control of your activities, it halts oneself the incentive to want to achieve higher aspects in life.

A person’s life struggles can affect how a person achieves their goals in an education environment. My friend Even Barnes came from a single parent home. His mother dropped out of school when she was young. Her lack of experience didn’t provide Even with a background to want to achieve higher things. In The Color of Water, Ruth was unable to attend college. She was in a situation of raising children and having to support her family. Many aspects of life can interfere with a person’s ability to complete and further their education. Poverty affects how people are in their home and in the school environment.

Poor family homes often struggle to find their next meal. When school starts my hours at work have to be cut back. With the lack of income, Eve seen days where I’d be lucky enough to have budgeted enough money to eat until the next payday. In The Color of Water, James and his family often fell on hard times where some of the family wouldn’t eat or the portions were so small they would remain hungry. Food was often stolen and hid because they never knew when the next meal was going to come (66). When working on a budget or trying to accommodate everyone’s needs, sometimes needs are not always met.

The effects of poverty creates bad habits for a student’s earning abilities in school. I remember at one point in school my eyes began to get worse. It was hard for me to see the black board or anything the teacher was presenting. My family was unable to afford and eye examination let alone purchasing glasses. An article from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development that it is harder for them to listen, concentrate, and learn. Kids with ear infections may have trouble with sound, making it tough to follow directions and understand a teacher.

A student’s ability to learn often is halted because of a family’s inability to roved sufficient materials to progress. As people grow older out life styles and decisions determine who we are as people. All aspects of life distinguish who we are. Poverty, abuse, race, and the lack to want to achieve more all play factors in how a person identifies themselves in society. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. If you don’t have your own beliefs and identity you can get lost in someone else’s shadow, their ideas, and their goals. You need your own identity and self-path to have your own dreams and drive to complete them.

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